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Top 5 shoulder & neck massagers test or comparison

Shoulder and neck massage devices hold their own in the test with our customers

Whether you sleep poorly, exercise too hard, or sit hunched over in front of the computer for hours, almost all of us struggle with neck pain, at least occasionally.

You can either click through to the top products below or read the entire report below:

Results in brief

Body part
1. oCuddle neck massager

Click here

Neck, shoulder, back
2. Neck massager

Click here

Neck, shoulder, back
NAIPO Pro massage gun 

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Hole body
4. Massage pillow

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Back neck
5. oCuddle neck massager, wireless

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Neck, shoulder, back
Product tip: A350 massage chair
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Hole body


Results full report

... According to one scientifically reviewed article the osteopath Dr. Marco Funiciello and Dr. Zinovy ​​Meyler, one of the best ways to relieve neck and shoulder pain is massage therapy.

Visiting a massage therapist can be a relaxing experience, but it can also be quite expensive.

So if you don't have the time or money to get a professional massage, it's the investment in one portable neck massager an inexpensive alternative for the home. The handy gadgets can knead tight knots out of the muscles and skillfully melt away stress.

If you want to upgrade your interior at the same time, you can also use a massage chair.

There are many types of neck massagers on the market, including handheld devices, devices that wrap around the neck, and manual massage rollers. Some have special functions, such as: B. Adjustable heating controls that allow you to heat the painful areas while others target specific pressure points for neck pain relief.  

To help you find a neck massager that will best suit your needs, we've rounded up our top 5 options from Naipo.

Customers from various platforms who sell authentic Naipo products can't stop raving about our shoulder massagers.

In addition to near-perfect ratings, each item on the list has great reviews detailing why the devices are so great to use. A real mass test, so to speak.

From the Shiatsu shoulder massager to a heated wrap-around model, these are the 5 neck massagers our buyers love the most.

Important tip: Only on our website you can be sure that you will always receive the latest model of a certain product type. We update our products continuously.

These Are The 5 Best Neck Massagers To Buy:


1. The popular wrap-around option: Naipo Deep Heat back and neck massager - MGS-150DC

More than 24.000 reviewers of a well-known shopping portal gave this multifunctional massager for back, neck and shoulders a five-star rating for a reason.


This model has three different intensity levels and a heat control panel.

Buyers also appreciate that you can adjust the direction in which the eight massage nodes move and that it's super quiet so you can immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

"Very effective and pleasant," said one customer.

"I am very satisfied with this product. For example, if I had lower back pain, I put it in the back of the office chair and moved forward a little and really enjoyed the massage. After the treatment, the pain was gone. Works like a fascia roll , only that I can continue to work here on the side. Also very nice for the neck and trapezius muscles, if you grasp it by the loops, or you let it slide slowly over your back. The heat function is powerful and can be switched off if necessary. to have bought the device. "

Take a look at the MGS-150DC massager in the shop.


2. Outstanding ergonomic design: Naipo oCuddle C1 Adjustable neck massager

This ergonomically designed massager is extremely customizable.

You can adjust it so that it fits your body using the adjustable arm straps.

In addition to three massage speeds and two heat levels, the U-shaped massager has adjustable arm straps so that it can be easily adapted to different body sizes.

The soft and breathable material that covers the massage nodes is completely removable and easy to clean, so you can keep the device hygienic.

One buyer wrote:

"I am really enthusiastic about the massage device and can only recommend it. Pleasant and perfect for relaxation. It is my second massage device. The workmanship is good. It is beautifully robust and looks really classy and of high quality. I like the matching imitation leather bag, so can it can be stowed away well (was not included with my earlier device). The matching cables in the same color also look very good. Good idea. "

To buy in the Naipo Online Shop.


3. The Profi option: Cordless massage gun for deep tissue

According to various buyers from the web supplies our massage gun a powerful deep tissue massage comparable to a visit to a chiropractor.

Not only does it weigh less than three pounds, but the handset's battery can last up to 3 hours on a single charge.

The brushless motor works powerfully and very quietly (below 43 dB). The massage gun comes with five different attachments to target different muscle groups with ease.

In addition, the device is housed in a practical carrying case, so that it is also suitable for on the go.

"I ordered the pistol because of chronic back pain. And it's a blessing for me, because it allows you to treat the pain points exactly!", Wrote one customer.

"I don't do regular sport and that's why I get tense very quickly. With this massage gun, this can be remedied directly if you hit the muscles directly after sport. The different attachments also allow different forms of therapy and it becomes." The muscles never get bored. I also find the different pressure intensities very pleasant, which are very well spaced from one another. So you can set a stronger or lower intensity as required. I can therefore recommend them all around. "

You can find more information about the Naipo Massage Gun in the online shop.


 Good to know:  The Naipo massage gun is even used by riders for horses. Read an experience report from a rider here.


4. Our portable entry-level option: Shiatsu back and neck massage pillow

Thousands of customers of a well-known shopping portal love this portable massage pillow because it is compact enough to use it anywhere - from long car trips to long nights in the office.

The optionally heated device is in the shape of a pillow and uses four massage nodes to knead out tension and reduce muscle tension.

It comes with a car adapter for use in the car and has adjustable straps that allow you to easily attach it to any chair.

"Just great, what should you write in large letters", enthuses one reviewer.

"I old office servant tried this splendid specimen and I'm thrilled. I don't want to make the masseurs of the world unemployed, but it's a really nice alternative if you don't have time to go to the massage parlor. It's so convenient, just like that To turn on the device in the evening (e.g. while watching TV) and relax. As often as I turn it on in the evening, you might think that the device and I have a more intimate relationship than my husband and I :-D. Of course, it replaces The gentle hands of a massaging person do not, but I personally like firm pressure massages, so the device is perfect for me. You can also regulate the speed yourself, which is practical. "

More information about the Naipo massage cushion in the Naipo Online Shop (current model).



5. Latest model: Noble Shiatsu massager for neck and back with battery - oCUDDLE P1

One of the newest and most sophisticated massage devices is the wireless neck massager oCuddle, which is ideal for use at home, in the office or when traveling.

The device is designed to be worn around the neck, but it can also be used on the back, legs, arms or stomach. To relieve a stiff neck, simply place the device on the painful point, loop the straps around your hands and let the eight 3D massage knots do their work.

The massager also has a heat therapy function, an easy-to-use control panel and an automatic shut-off function, so you don't have to worry about leaving the device on. The device is a real Shiatsu all-rounder, because with the clever fastening strap, the model can also be used hands-free on some parts of the body.

"Nice surprise," enthused one buyer.

"This is a real lifesaver, especially when you have to sit or stand all day at work. The rollers knead the tense neck or lower back wonderfully after a long day. You can also heat the balls so that you don't miss out on colder days At first I was surprised that the cable is so short, but when I pulled it out, it surprisingly continued to massage - it has a rechargeable battery and is therefore portable. Really great thing. "

The current model can be found in the Naipo online shop.

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