NAIPO Shiatsu massager, for neck, back and shoulder, infrared heat, wired - newest model


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✔︎ NAIPO® is a market-leading brand with 20+ locations in Europe and known from Forbes and Business Insider.
✔︎ NAIPO's® awards include: Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, Plus x Design Award.
✔︎ Fast delivery in 3-7 days across Europe.
✔︎ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30-day return policy if the product is in its original condition and comes with the original box.
With NAIPO® complete your everyday life with more relaxation
Our award-winning products are equipped with the latest technology, which comes extremely close to a real massage.  


NAIPO  applies as one of the leading providers in the field of "at-home massagers".


Forbes on NAIPO:

"These shiatsu massagers will melt the pain right out of her neck, back, legs and other parts she didn't realize were hurting."


Since the development of the first products in Hamburg and Shenzhen, the steadily growing range is now offered in more than 25+ countries worldwide. 


In 2020 we opened the first showroom in Hamburg's Hafencity. 

Our products have been available at 2021+ locations since 20.


david eberst naipo must buy 
Image: David Eberst, Co-Founder Mustbuy GmbH
(NAIPO is a brand of Mustbuy GmbH) 


Our vision

"Making the benefits of a daily massage accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. "

With our innovative developments, we want to make the advantages of massages accessible to everyone, regardless of time and place.

Our mission

We focus on the methods of traditional and contemporary massage therapy, which we implement in our products using the latest technology.

It also plays a Commitment to the environment an important role. That is why we always try to offset our CO2 emissions.

 This will be done with "Blue Planet Certificateimplemented by Naturefund.

 NAIPO is known from among others

  • Grammy Awards
  • Business Insider
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine
  • Woman's Health
  • RTL
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
* a brand of Mustbuy GmbH from Hamburg.

Address: Am Grasbrookpark 1, 20457 Hamburg
This is how you can reach our customer service:
Press inquiries:
Telephone number: 040 88369018
NAIPO is a trademark of Mustbuy GmbH
USt-IdNr .: DE 294746007 registered in the commercial register of the district court Hamburg
Commercial register number - Part B of the commercial register - 156091

Any Questions? We're here to help! Just contact us at or call us at +49 040 57199390 (Mon-Fri, 11:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m.).

Your shipping costs and delivery times:

Payment options at NAIPO:

We offer you various convenient payment options so that you can complete your order easily:

  • Bank transfer in advance (advance payment)
  • Credit card (VISA / Maestro / Mastercard / Amex)
  • PayPal
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  • Klarna (Instalment purchase, immediate payment, purchase on account)
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  • SplitIt (Instalment purchase via credit card without interest) "Monthly credit card payments. Without interest/fees*"

Shipping costs and delivery times for massage chairs:

📍 Germany:

  • Standard curbside delivery (4-7 days delivery time) = Free
  • Premium shipping to the place of use including assembly service (4-15 days delivery time): €99 - €499*
    *The final price for premium shipping is calculated at checkout and depends on the model and delivery location.

📍 Switzerland:

  • Standard curbside delivery (2-3 weeks delivery time*): €99 - €299*
    *The final price for premium delivery will be calculated at checkout. It depends on the model and delivery location. Customs clearance may delay delivery time by one week.

    📍 Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands:

    • Standard curbside delivery (4-15 days delivery time): €99 - €199*
    • Premium shipping to the place of use including assembly service (4-15 days delivery time): €199 - €499*
      *The final delivery price is calculated at checkout and depends on the model and delivery location.

    📍 EU countries:

    • Standard curbside delivery (4-15 days delivery time): €99 - €299*
      *The final price for Premium Delivery is calculated at checkout and depends on the model and delivery location.

    For small massage devices

    📍 Germany

    • Standard Delivery
    • Cost: Free
    • Delivery time: 2-5 days

    📍 EU countries

    • Costs: from €6.99
    • Delivery time: 3-7 days

        For "FRIENDS OF NAIPO" products

        📍 Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden

        • Cost: € 7.99
        • Delivery time: 3-7 days

        Please note that delivery times are subject to change. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

        Unfortunately, in the past we have often received warranty requests for counterfeit and/or unauthorized NAIPO® items. 

        We cannot offer a service for such items.

        For this reason, we have decided to keep a list of all authorized dealers (as of May 31.05.2022, XNUMX):

        • Please note that currently only NAIPO® massage chair to be sold on amazon. Pay attention to the seller "MUSTBUY" or our second brand "ASPRIA".
          You may find attractive financing options on Amazon! 
          Use the links below to view the massage chairs on amazon: 

          Original massage devices from NAIPO® will not distributed on amazon!

        The Nail Fairy
        bright way
        furniture store coburg / furniture hofmann
        ih-interior studio
        fe service
        private bosses
        massage chair shop
        AS physio team
        massage chair world
        home friend24
        Niko Finance Holding


        We at NAIPO strive to make a contribution to climate protection as follows, without incurring any extra costs for our customers:

        1. No unnecessary packaging waste and still optimally protected products: Almost all orders are shipped without unnecessary outer box, as we use extra strong packaging material for all items.
          The products are thus adequately protected and large amounts of extra packaging can be saved.
        2. Planting trees: We at NAIPO continue to make a voluntary contribution to climate protection in the form of the "Blue Planet Certificate". The Blue Planet Certificate is part of Naturefund.  

          Naturefund buys land for nature to preserve habitat for diversity of species. In the course of climate change, Naturefund is increasingly buying and reforesting forests.

          Naturefund's climate protection projects have received several awards and are supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the German Environmental Aid.

        With the Blue Planet Certificate we commit ourselves to support climate projects.

        These include, for example, the afforestation of the Andes in Bolivia or the afforestation of the Green Climate Bridge in Costa Rica.

        We pay a monthly fee for this.
        In this way, each order is covered proportionately.
        In addition, our number of planted trees increases monthly, which means that the CO2 balance improves overall every month.

        More info about the Blue Planet Certificate: click here

        More relaxation for you and your friends/family: Refer a person of your choice and you and your friend will receive a 15% discount for each successful referral.

        Click here for more information.

        Massage chairs excluded. This function is only available in Germany.


        • Suitable for different parts of the body - 3D rotating Shiatsu massage rotators in an ergonomic U-shape design with heat function can relieve tension in the neck, shoulder, back, abdomen, buttocks, legs, calves, thighs and lower legs
        • Your personal masseur at the push of a button - Eight rotating massage heads, adjustable in two directions, act comfortably on the body and relax the muscles as if a masseur were at work. The massage heads automatically change direction every minute to better distribute the massage effect.
        • Suitable for all people - The strap handles are extended 4,5 cm to fit people of all sizes, allowing you to adjust the massager to hard-to-reach parts of the body.
        • Soothing warmth & extra protection - A soothing warming function offers soothing comfort to muscles and can stimulate blood circulation. To protect against overheating, this massage device switches itself off automatically after 20 minutes.
        • We are here for you - It is normal that the heating light is difficult to see because this massager is equipped with a double-layer fabric to protect the skin. Refund without giving a reason is possible within 30 days.

        Delivery time: 

        Germany: 1 - 3 days

        Other EU countries: 4 - 7 days

        NAIPO is known from

        NAIPO® Audio Experience.

        Bonus: relaxation for the head.

        The ideal extension for every NAIPO® product.

        Relaxed sounds and music.

        Developed in cooperation with German producers.

        Available on all streaming platforms like Spotify® and Apple Music®.

        Also available as an exclusive download with high-end quality.

        Recently viewed

        20+ exhibitions.

        live testing.

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        Customer questions and answers

        Ask a question
        • My power supply is broken, can I buy it again?


          please send a written request to our support.

          Thank you.

          Sincerely yours,
          Naipoo must buy team

        • Hello, Is a transport bag available for this massager? Kind regards, Christian Seithe

          Hello Mr Seithe,

          Thank you for your request. There is no transport bag for the above model.

          If you need a transport bag for this, we recommend the  oCuddle-C1.

          We are at your disposal for any further questions.

          Sincerely yours,
          Mustbuy customer support

        • Function per chi soffre di cervicobrachialgia ?

          Dear customer,

          unfortunately we are not qualified to give medical advice, as we are not medical professional personnel. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

          Best Regards,

          Must buy support

        • Are you using the pancia?

          Salve, innanzitutto grazie per l'interest verso i nostri prodotti.Il prodotto da Lei indicato e'piu'idoneo da utilizare per le spalle.Cordiali saluti

        • Hi. Lost the charger for my massager. Can I order this? How much is it? Thank you greetings jo.wittal

          Hello Mr Wittal,

          You can order the power pack under the link .


        • Does the product come with a German power plug? I'm confused by the picture of the UK plug in the product description.

          Dear customer,

          Thank you for your request. The item comes with a standard EU plug, among other things.

          Sincerely yours,

          Must buy support

        • Good day, could you please tell me, do you ship to the UK? because I cannot get Your web site to accept an order? I am trying to buy this as a present for a friend.

          Dear customer,

          Unfortunately we currently only ship massage chair models in UK. To order, please visit

          Best Regards,

          Must buy support

        • Hello, I would like to order the neck massager and foot massager bundle. Is it possible to keep only one of the two devices if you don't like it. Many Thanks.

          Dear customer,

          Thank you for your request. Your return period is 30 days from receipt of the goods.

          Sincerely yours,

          Must buy support

        • With what voltage does the device run 12v/230v or?

          Hello Mr Muller,

          The massage device has a power connection of 230 V and comes with a 12 volt adapter for the car.

        • How many volts and amperes does the power supply have?

          The power pack is 12 volts and 2,5 amps.

        • Hello, I have had HWK1 / 2 stabilization with titanium since 07/2020 due to an accident. Are the massage and infrared heat harmless?

          For health or medical technology questions, we recommend that you seek advice from trained medical staff such as a specialist or pharmacist. In general, we are not allowed to recommend our articles to customers with health concerns or physical characteristics.

        • Hi. How many watts does the massager use?

          The device has 30 Wartt.

        • Hey, what is the power consumption or power consumption. Can't find any official information.

          The MGC-150DC has 30 watts.

        • Hello, I would like to buy this device. What's the latest model? And what are the differences to the cheaper version? Are all with heat or infrared?

          Our latest neck massager models are the oCuddle-C1 and oCuddle-P1. The oCuddle models are more advanced in construction and technology and of higher quality than our older models. Our devices are all with infrared.

        • I have a 15% voucher and unfortunately I don't know where to put it. Can you help us with this?

          You can simply enter voucher codes when placing an order at checkout in order to redeem them.

        • Hello, how many watts does the massager use?

          The neck and back shoulder massager has an output of 30 watts.

        • What is the difference between MGS-150DC and MGS-801 ?

          Questions about comparing different items are best asked by our customer service at

        • hello, is there a wireless version with the same features as this device? and can the batteries be replaced?

          A recommended model with a rechargeable battery is the oCuddle-P1. The MGS-321 and MGS-N12CS are also operated with batteries. Batteries do not have to be replaced, they are rechargeable.

        • My father ordered the massage device for 54,90 and unfortunately misplaced the operating instructions. Would you be so kind as to send me a new one. A heartfelt thank you

          You can download operating instructions under Contact & Service: Instructions.

        • Is the original massager cord tied?

          The MGS-150DC is wired and operated via a power supply unit.

        • How many db does the MGS 150 DC have

          Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to answer your question with an exact number, as we do not keep such statistics for our neck massagers. But we can assure you that the MGS-150DC has a volume of less than 40db.

        • Hello, when will this be available again? Cheers Gstach

          Hi! The item is available again in new condition :)

        • What is the difference between the models of the MGS -801 massage table and the MGS 150 DC

          Dear customer,

          the MGS-801 has an integrated rechargeable battery, the MGS-150DC is operated via a power pack.

          Sincerely yours,

          Must buy support

        • Salve, ho problemi di artrosi cervicale e di dolori alla schiena dovuti alla postura. Cosa sarebbe meglio il cuscino che è più adattabile alla schiena oppure il massaggiatore a forma di collare ? Inoltre ho bisogno oltre che di un buon massaggio anche di una buona dose di calore per la cervicale. Quale sarebbe il caso di acquistare ? grace

          Dear customer,

          unfortunately we cannot provide medical advice, as we are not medical professional personnel. Please consult your doctor or physician.

          Best Regards,

          Must buy support

        • Bonjour est-ce que je peux utiliser le masseur Naipo sans branchement.

          Dear customer,

          Unfortunately this model can only be used while connected to a power source. However, we have other models that have an integrated battery unit.

          Best Regards,

          Must buy support

        • Hello, what is the difference between MGS - 150 DC and MGS - 150 DC - SP?


          both have the same functions. 

          They differ only in color.

          MGS-15 DC is black
          MGS-15DC-SP is blue.

          With kind regards,
          Naipo team