NAIPO® Premium massage chair with heat function, zero gravity lying function, shiatsu, 3D surround sound, full body massage, body scan, ambient light


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✔︎ NAIPO® is a market-leading brand with 20+ locations in Europe and known from Forbes and Business Insider.
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✔︎ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 30-day return policy. Please keep the original box for this period.
✔︎ Top service: Advice from specialist staff and repair service in the event of problems.
🌱 NAIPO® compensates CO2 emissions with the climate certificate: "Blue Planet Certificate".

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  • Model name: Model P (A350)
  • Rated frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 120 W
  • Nominal voltage: 220 240-V
  • Total number of air cushions: 24
  • Size: 150*76*113cm (standing position), 174*76*71cm (lying position)
  • Inner shoulder width: 55cm
  • seat width: 50cm
  • Gross/Net weight: 108/88 kg
  • Max. body weight: 120kg
  • Height: 160 to 195 cm

Depending on stock levels, we also offer refurbished NAIPO® armchairs.

These variants have been serviced by our specialist staff, thoroughly tested and are fully functional.

Very good 90%: This variant is almost like new.
Good 60%:This variant may have a scratch.

As a rule, NAIPO products such as massage devices and massage chairs do not require any maintenance, and there are generally few complaints due to product damage. 

However, errors can still occur in rare cases.

That's why we bid NAIPO® PROTECT  a convenient, optional extended warranty with comprehensive service for selected products. 

Guarantee massage chair

In addition to the statutory 2-year warranty on all new products and 1-year warranty on used or refurbished products, we offer the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty for selected products. 

We expressly point out that this does not limit your warranty rights.

What does the extended warranty include? 

  1. Information about the guarantor: Mustbuy Ltd
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  3. The extended warranty applies to customers residing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
  4. An extended warranty is not offered for all products. If in doubt, ask our customer service beforehand:
  5. Content of the guarantee: The extended warranty covers repairs and replacement parts that become necessary due to defects in materials or workmanship.
  6. Procedure you must follow as a buyer: We generally expect you to send us videos and pictures of the defect in advance. We would also like a detailed description of the defect. (
  7. The extended warranty is optional and does not limit your warranty rights.
  8. You can choose between one, two or three years. 
  9. The purchase of 1x extended warranty (1,2 or 3 years) is only valid for one product. Example: You purchase 1x product A and 1x product B. However, you only book an extended 1x warranty. You can now choose whether this extension should apply to product A or product B. If you want to provide both products with an extended guarantee, then you must purchase 2x extended guarantees.


What is replaced?

The following can be granted: repair of the device in the event of repairable damage or replacement of the device;  

Can I purchase the extendable warranty after purchasing the product?

We recommend purchasing the extended warranty during the purchase of the desired product. 

However, the extended warranty can be purchased within 30 days of product purchase.

The extended warranty CANNOT be purchased after 30 days. 

For customers who have not purchased the extended warranty either during the purchase process of the product or within 30 days afterwards, the statutory warranty of 2 years still applies.

What is not covered?

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  5. Damage caused by improper installation, improper repair/intervention by unauthorized third parties;
  6. Damage due to natural wear and tear and wear and tear parts and consumables such as batteries;

Are there any coverage restrictions?

! The insurance benefit per claim is in any case on the
Limited purchase price.
! An exchange or replacement by voucher is once per
insured device possible.

How can I purchase the extended warranty retrospectively?

Please contact for this

I didn't have to use the extended warranty, can I get a refund?

A refund of the extended guarantee is generally not possible.

However, a refund will of course be granted if you return the product within the 30-day right of return.


What if a problem occurs after the 2-year statutory warranty and I haven't purchased an extended warranty?

Of course, we also offer you services such as repairs.

You will be charged for this and will depend on the defect in your product.

Unfortunately, in the past we have often received warranty requests for counterfeit and/or unauthorized NAIPO® items. 

We cannot offer a service for such items.

For this reason, we have decided to keep a list of all authorized dealers (as of May 31.05.2022, XNUMX):

  • Please note that currently only NAIPO® massage chair to be sold on amazon. Pay attention to the seller "MUSTBUY" or our second brand "ASPRIA".
    You may find attractive financing options on Amazon! 
    Use the links below to view the massage chairs on amazon:

    Original massage devices from NAIPO® will not distributed on amazon!
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NAIPO armchair model P (A350)

Experience the future of relaxation.

NAIPO is known from

Critically praised

Multiple awards.

As part of the Pasithea Series, the Model P (A350) was honored by the Plus X Awards jury in the categories "High Quality", "Design", "Ease of Use" and "Ergonomics".

In addition, the model was "Comparison Winner" at and "Winner" at

Please note: You need a smartphone for this function.

Does it fit? Watch in space now.

Relaxation according to your individual ideas

Revolutionary relaxation: A full-body massage like from a masseur with heat function.

Enjoy a full-body massage like that of a masseur - with an optimized heat function.

The unique capsule shape of the NAIPO massage chair offers a completely relaxing experience from head to toe by combining professional massage techniques such as shiatsu, kneading, tapping, tapping kneading and air pressure and implementing them almost silently.

Thanks to the advanced curve guidance technology, the backrest frame adapts perfectly to the curvature of the human back and thus enables individual and ergonomic relaxation.

12 automatic programs, manual massage and much more

Versatile relaxation: Automatic and manual massage programs.

The NAIPO massage chair offers a wide range of massage methods that include both automatic and manual programs.

The 12 automatic massage programs include

  1. comfort massage,
  2. relaxation massage,
  3. stretching massage,
  4. shoulder and neck massage,
  5. back and waist massage,
  6. Full body massage,
  7. spine care,
  8. fatigue relief,
  9. meridian massage,
  10. hip and thigh massage,
  11. sweet dreams and
  12. complete air pressure massage.

For an even more personal massage experience, you can make manual settings according to your needs.

These allow you to set the massage area (full body, partial or fixed point), select the massage roller speed from five levels and adjust the position of the massage rollers up or down during fixed point and partial area massage.

You can also set the width of the massage rollers to wide, medium or narrow during the tapping and impact massage.

In addition, the NAIPO massage chair has 3 air pressure massage intensities (strong/medium/weak) for arms, hips and legs, foot roller massage, 11 adjustable shoulder points, 2 weightlessness positions, 3 foot roller intensities, 3 massage roller widths, 5 speed levels and 3 adjustable roller movements (total/upper body/fixed) as well as 6 automatic time functions.

A reclining function like no other

A feeling like in space thanks to the 1-click weightlessness function.

The weightlessness function was originally developed by NASA to relieve the spine.

2 weightlessness positions were integrated into this model.

The massage splint follows the curvature of your spine, while the massage rollers reach every muscle group and your body assumes a "weightless" position like in space.

Easiest control

Relaxation at the push of a button.

From pleasant relaxation to a full-body deep massage, the massage chair offers you everything you need.

An easily accessible control panel is housed in the left armrest, while the multifunctional remote control with LCD display is conveniently placed in the right armrest.

BONUS worth €100

The best intensity adjustment.

The latest generation of the Model Ps A350 includes a bonus three-layer intensity pad.

Depending on the choice of colour, an intensity pad in the corresponding color is supplied.

Massagesessel Intensität

Bodyscan technology

Personalized recovery.

Experience tailor-made relaxation with the NAIPO massage chair and its advanced body scan function.

This innovative technology automatically detects the position of your shoulders and precisely adjusts the massage to the contours of your body.

This ensures that every area is treated optimally and you can enjoy a holistic, personalized massage experience.

Immerse yourself in a new dimension of relaxation that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

Built-in 3D surround sound

Combines relaxation with incomparable sound.

Experience ultimate relaxation for body and mind in the NAIPO armchair Model P (A350).

Enjoy your favorite music or audiobooks from any device while immersing yourself in a world of sound and relaxation.

With integrated Bluetooth speakers and 3D surround sound you will experience an incomparable relaxation experience.

Our recommendation: Experience the ultimate massage experience, accompanied by sounds specially created for your relaxation from the NAIPO Studio.

Practical extras

Selection buttons, USB port and practical shelf.

In addition to controlling with the remote control, you can also conveniently use the quick selection buttons.

Connect your devices via USB or Bluetooth and place your smartphone in the practical tray.

The lying position only requires a distance of 5 cm to the nearest wall

Minimum space, maximum comfort

The NAIPO massage chair impresses with its intelligent and space-saving design, which is perfect for any living space.

This model only needs 5 cm distance to the wall when it changes into the lying position.

Thanks to the innovative slide rail technology, the armchair creates a seamless and compact integration into your home without sacrificing valuable space. So you can relax and at the same time preserve your living ambience by integrating the NAIPO massage chair into the room of your choice.

Award Winning Design

Modern design meets comfort.

Discover the stylish design that is suitable for any room environment.

The subtle gray exterior color harmonises wonderfully with the earthy brown tint of the interior leather look.

A detachable headrest, refined with diamond embroidery, rounds off the exclusive appearance.

Experience the cool, atmospheric mood lights on both sides of the armchair and enjoy the simple but luxurious flair.

Quality that promises years of relaxation

Long lasting relaxation.

NAIPO massage chairs not only stand for unique design and ultimate comfort, but also for exceptional durability.

Every detail and component has been carefully selected and checked for strength and quality to ensure that you will enjoy your armchair for years to come.

The high-quality workmanship and durable materials ensure a consistent and reliable relaxation experience.

So you can trust that your NAIPO massage chair will continue to provide countless relaxing moments in the future.

Suitable from 150cm - 195cm, up to 120kg load

Made for all body types.

The Model P is ideal for most body types and sizes.

The leg element offers a 45° angle adjustment to any desired position. Maximum extension: 20 cm.

Are you taller than 195cm? Even then, the model may be suitable for you.

We recommend testing the model at a NAIPO location beforehand.

Fully mobile

Effortlessly movable with two smooth-running castors.

Glide the NAIPO armchair seamlessly and effortlessly into the desired position.

Assembly, assembly service, and instructions

Easiest assembly.

All NAIPO armchairs are designed in such a way that they can be set up effortlessly and easily in 10-15 minutes.

The NAIPO armchair can be based on the Manual or assembly videos assemble. 

For German customers there is also a construction service available.

You can book the assembly service during the ordering process.

NAIPO® Audio Experience

Bonus: relaxation for the head.

The ideal extension for every NAIPO® product.

Relaxed sounds and music.

Developed in cooperation with German producers.

Available on all streaming platforms like Spotify® and Apple Music®.

Also available as an exclusive download with high-end quality.

20+ locations in Europe.

Test LIVE nearby.

Play it safe: test your favorite NAIPO armchair before you buy it.

View nearby locations

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Customer questions and answers

Ask a question
  • do you sell replacement handsets, the pins on mine are damaged so inoperational

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately spare parts are not sold separately.

    Best Regards,

    Must buy support

  • Can I buy replacement control as the pins are damaged and now no longer operate

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately spare parts are not sold separately.

    Best Regards,

    Must buy support

  • Will the armchair be delivered to the apartment or only to the curb?

    Hello Mr. Erimoglu,

    We offer 2 different shipping costs:

    • Standard delivery (to the curb): 49€(incl. VAT) 1 week shipping time
    • To place of use: 79€(incl. VAT) 1 week shipping time (without assembly)

  • How heavy can the user be?

     Hello Mr. Sawatzki,

    The maximum carrying weight is up to 150 kg for the massage chair.

    Yours sincerely,

    Your mustbuy support team

  • Can the armchair be used over 1,90 cm?

    Hello Claudia,

    The massage chair can be loaded up to a size of 195 cm and a weight of up to 120 kg.

  • Hello, from which size is the armchair suitable?

    Hello Ms. Hoffmqan,

    The massage chair is suitable for people over 160 cm tall.

    Your Mustbuy support team

  • How much weight is allowed

    A weight of up to 150 kg is permitted for the massage chair.

  • How does the 2021 model differ from the 2020 model? When do you expect extradition?

    Our articles are constantly updated and so-called bugs are eliminated. Delivery is now possible again!

  • Hello, is there such a thing as a satisfaction guarantee? If you order an armchair and are not at all satisfied after 10 days, for example, you can of course return it for a fee. Kind regards

    You have a right of cancellation/return valid for 30 days from receipt of the goods. During this period, you can return the item for a refund for any reason. Please note that in the event of a cancellation, the buyer bears the costs for the return shipment.

  • Hello, can you still use the Naipo A350 if you are 1,99 m tall?

    At 1,99 m, you are unfortunately a little too tall for the armchair. The armchair is designed for body heights of 1,50m - 1,90m.

  • Hi. Do you also deliver to Switzerland? If so, what about VAT and customs clearance?

    We currently do not deliver to Switzerland.

  • I'm 1.90m tall and 55cm wide at the shoulders, can I find enough space in this armchair?

    The MGC-A350 has a shoulder width of 60 cm and is suitable for a height of up to 1.90 m.

  • Hello which button is heat function?

    The on button for the heat function is located on the bottom right of the remote control.

  • Can I get a massage for more than 1 hour or does he need a “break” every now and then? Or does it take longer? :-)

    You can start or stop the massage at the push of a button. The duration of the massage is entirely up to you. The recommended usage time is 20 minutes.

  • Does this also have a heating function and can it be delivered to Austria?

    The massage chair has a warming function and can also be delivered to Austria.

  • Does the NAIPO PREMIUM MASSAGE ARMCHAIR, ZERO GRAVITY model have a body scan?

    A body scan function is available.

  • You can adjust the width of the massage rollers in the back.

    Press the "Mode" button on the remote control and select the appropriate settings at the bottom left.

  • Hello, I would like to order the armchair from you tomorrow. However, I would like to order a delivery to the 2nd floor including assembly. Would this be possible, possibly with a surcharge?

    For a surcharge of € 50, it is possible to apply for so-called 2-man handling. Delivery is free to the place of use. Please note that other delivery times apply to deliveries with 2-man handling.

  • What about customer service should something on the device be defective or not work?

    Your warranty period is 2 years. If you would like to report a defect or damage to the device, you can contact us at any time by email at or by calling 040 57199390 and going through the next steps with us. Our customer service is happy to be there for you.

  • Can the Bluetooth function be turned off so that there is no radiation?

    Hello, you can easily turn off the massage chair after each use at the switch behind the chair. This means you don't always have to unplug the device from the socket and the Bluetooth function is always deactivated when the massage chair is not in use.

  • Hello, what are the differences between the Naipo Premium and the Aspria massage chair?

    Dear customer,

    Aspria and NAIPO are two different brands. All relevant information can be found on the product offer page.

    Sincerely yours,

    Must buy support

  • Can a test also be done?

    Dear customer,

    Unfortunately tryouts are only possible at the locations listed on our website. However, you have a 30 day period upon receiving the product, during which you can cancel your order.

    Please be advised that if the order is canceled, the buyer must still pay the return fees.

    Best Regards,

    Must buy support

*Sources of the awards: "Sieger", 96/10, retrieved: January 2021, more info: Plus X Award, 2021, Pasithea Series, Awarded for "High Quality, Design, Ease of Use, Ergonomics, More Info: