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FAQ Massage chair - Helpful articles

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Welcome to our collection of premium massage chairs. We know how important it is to relax and regenerate after a hard day. That's why we offer a carefully selected range of massage chairs to complete your personal wellness oasis at home.

Our massage chairs

Our massage chairs are designed with the aim of providing a deep, therapeutic experience. They combine advanced technology with comfortable design to provide a variety of massage styles including shiatsu, kneading, tapping and rolling. Whether you are suffering from tension, relieving sore muscles or just want to relax, we have the perfect massage chair for you.

Quality materials and durable construction

Each of our massage chairs is made from high quality materials designed for durability and comfort. The soft cushions and ergonomically designed seats ensure maximum comfort, while the robust construction ensures long-term use.

Customizable features

Our massage chairs offer adjustable features such as different massage intensities and speeds, warming back pads and adjustable footrests so you can find your perfect relaxation setting.

Aesthetically pleasing design

With a variety of designs to suit any style of home, our massage chairs are not only functional but also stylish. Choose the model that best suits your interior from a variety of colors and materials.

Check out our collection and find the massage chair that suits your needs. Whether you crave a deep tissue massage, prefer gentle relaxation or want a full body massage experience, we have a chair for you.

Do you have any questions about our massage chairs or do you need help choosing the right model? Contact us, we are pleased to help you!

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1. How do I find the ideal location where to place my massage chair?

Answer: Find out in this article how to find the ideal location for a massage chair, considering the position within the room, the distance to other furniture and the possibility of being able to reach it easily.
2. Can you use a massage chair with a pacemaker? 

The article deals with the question of whether massage devices or massage chairs are suitable for people with cardiac pacemakers (HMS). HMS are electronic implants that regulate the heartbeat of people with certain heart problems, reducing the risk of cardiac arrest. Modern HMS are increasingly resistant to magnetic fields emanating from certain household appliances.
3. Are massage chairs energy guzzlers?

The article deals with the energy consumption of massage chairs and provides information on how much electricity such devices consume compared to other household appliances. According to the article, the power consumption of massage chairs is between 180 and 220 watts and is therefore lower than that of many other household appliances.

4. Massage chair test: Which massage chair is the best?

Find out how NAIPO armchairs fare with our customers and which model is best suited to different needs profiles.
5. IIs a massage chair useful?

The article examines whether massage chairs make medical sense and provides an overview of the positive effects of massage in general. He shows that massage chairs have not met the needs of users for a long time, but that modern massage chairs from brands such as NAIPO or ASPRIA are individually adjustable and offer functions that a normal massage cannot offer, such as the zero-gravity function.

6. How does a massage chair work?


This article examines how massage chairs use different techniques to give a relaxing massage. We will also explore the various features that some chairs have, such as heat features and airbags for air compression massage.


7. How much does a good massage chair cost?

Massage chair costs range from a good $500 to $3000 and depend on various factors such as power levels, mechanical features, warranties and extras. Compare different models to find the best value for money and pay attention to the design and quality. Consider your budget to find the perfect massage chair for your needs.

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