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The best massage gun for horses?

Experience report from Gloria Eberst, which the NAIPO® Pro Massage Gun (click to view article) used on a horse:

Each of us is plagued by uncomfortable tension.

These arise from daily work on the laptop and the associated incorrect sitting posture. Especially when we move around after work and pursue all leisure activities, the annoying tension becomes noticeable.

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As riders, we know that our tensions have a negative effect on the overall picture of horse and rider; This is reinforced by the tensions of our four-legged partners. One day our horse runs very relaxed and the next very tense.

Is there anything more frustrating in equestrian sports?

I have always wished - and probably each of us does - to be able to counteract both my tensions and those of the horses with something.

The idea - A massage gun for horses

Click here for the NAIPO Pro massage gun from this article 

Looking for a solution to this problem, I'm on the brand's massage gun Naipo encountered.

The massage gun is battery operated and has five different intensity levels.

Already after the first application, my tension was noticeably released.

Although I was now free of tension, my horse was not. This gave me the idea to try the massage gun on my four-legged friend.

My horse friends were also enthusiastic about it and we decided to test the massage gun on our horses.


Said and done…

I was particularly excited to see how the horses reacted.

After some of the horses looked at the massage gun with suspicion, they got used to it super quickly - the massage could start!




The application in practice

Fortunately, the device is not very loud, wireless, easy to use and very comfortable for the horses.

Of course, the horses were sensitive to pressure at their muscle blocks, but the massage gun was easy to use and the treatment was easy.

During the application, you noticed how the horses' tensions had been released. The pressure sensitivity subsided after a few minutes and the horses began to enjoy the massage.

Massage gun for horses
Nunu (Instagram & Tiktok: fabulous_nougat)
Photo: Gloria Eberst (Instagram & Tiktok: gloriaeberstphotography

Yawning, chewing & dropping your throat ...

... was the reaction of the four-legged friends. Every rider's heart rises!


Goodbye to tension!

Click here for the NAIPO Pro massage gun from this article 

The massage gun helped both me and the horses in the long term.

A great product that I can only recommend!


Massage gun horse
Photo: Gloria Eberst (Instagram & Tiktok: gloriaeberstphotographie)



This is how the massage gun comes to your home

The massage gun is delivered in a practical, stylish case.

The case contains the massage gun, instructions, a charging cable and five different attachments for the different parts of the body.

The product is of very high quality and the application is simply described.

Of course, the case and the selection of the many attachments are particularly practical. 



gifs: via GIPHY

A report from Gloria Eberst (Instagram & Tiktok: gloriaeberstphotographie)



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