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3D body scanning:

With this function, the massage rollers are brought into the correct position in the armchair. The massage chair uses body scan technology to find the right pressure points for the user and thus aligns the rollers with pinpoint accuracy.

4D massage chair:

These devices have all the functions that a Massage chair with 3D-Body scan function. The device is also able to rotate the individual rollers and change their intensity. In this way, even deeper tissue can be reached and physical tension and stress can be reduced.


Airbag massage systems - also called air cushion systems - are used to mimic Swedish deep tissue massage. They do this by inflating and deflating air bags in a variety of methods and speeds, essentially compressing and manipulating the muscles and connective tissues. The air cushions can work independently or in combination.

Bodyscan technology:

Bodyscan uses a peripheral system to scan heart rate, posture, and the tired or tense areas and pressure points of the body. This system is used to apply a customized massage or make minor adjustments based on your biofeedback.

Body stretching:

With the body stretching function of the massage chairs - also called body stretch - the user's back is strongly stretched and can provide relief and relaxation. Find out more under Thai stretching.

Lumbar warmth:

This function of the massage chair warms the lower back and can help relieve pain in the ligament as well as general back relaxation.

Leisure massage chair:

These massage chairs only offer individual therapeutic, medical or chiropractic massage functions. They are used specifically to relieve stress and tension, as well as to relieve back pain. Armchairs in this category focus on comfort functions and design.


The L-rail - also known as the L-track - allows the massage rollers to begin massaging on the underside of the head, then move down the back (as with the S-shaped S-rail), wrap themselves under the gluteal muscle and then to the Hike back of thighs. This is the extension of the S-rail as the rollers now also reach the buttocks and thighs.

Air ionizer:

Some massage chairs have an airflow function that blows a breath of fresh and purified air towards the user. The air ionizer cleans the air with the help of ions. These are extremely suitable as dust collectors. The charged particles combine with dust and other air particles and thus become larger particles. Due to their increased weight, these trickle to the floor, which frees the room air from potential pollutants.

massage chair:

A massage chair is a piece of furniture that has one or more massage functions. Simple models massage the back, while armchairs with a more elaborate design can also massage other parts of the body, such as shoulders, pelvis, legs, feet, arms and hands.

Massage chair motor:

Massage chairs have integrated motors that take on various functions in the chair. There are rotary motors, piston motors and vibration motors. Rotary motors control the massage rollers as well as the kneading and tapping functions. Piston motors control the functions of the legrest and backrest, and vibration motors control the vibratory movements.


The leg member of the massage chair in which the calf and foot massage device is installed is called an ottoman. Some models have a function with which the ottoman can be hidden, retracted or adjusted. In this way, the furniture looks less like a therapy chair and more like a designer living room chair.


The S-rail - also called S-Track - enables the massage rollers to follow the natural curvature of the spine when moving up and down. This course extends in a kind of S-shape from the neck down to the lower back or tailbone. This is the basic version that every massage chair has.

SL rail:

The SL-Rail - also called SL-Track - is like the L-Rail a combination of the advantages of S- and L-Rail. The S / L-rail enables the rollers to follow the natural curvature of the spine via the S-rail and to reach both the gluteal muscles and the back of the thighs in one go via the extended L-rail.

Thai stretching:

The Thai stretching massage - see also body stretching - is a further development of the traditional Thai massage. The focus here is on even more intensive stretching and stretching of the body and limbs. Massage chairs with this function stretch the body and back considerably and can thus alleviate discomfort and provide relaxation.

Therapeutic massage chair:

This seating furniture mainly offers medical or chiropractic massage functions. They are used specifically to relieve stress and tension, as well as to relieve back pain.

heat therapy:

Devices with an integrated heat therapy function have a number of built-in heating coils that warm the body, loosen it and prepare it for massage therapy. They are usually placed on the upper and lower back, as well as on the feet.

Zero Gravity:

Massage chairs with this function - also called Zero-G or weightlessness - convey a feeling of weightlessness for the user, as the person being massaged lies in a position in which the knees are slightly above the heart. Thanks to the body weight, the body presses itself even more firmly into the armchair and enables a deeper massage.



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I would like to buy the ZERO GRAVITY A90 premium massage chair for my mother, who is 350 years old.
Now I want to know if the operation is uncomplicated? If there is a user manual in German, the voice control is German and can be switched off.

With kind regards,
Steffen Mueller

Steffen 17 March, 2021

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