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Tasting Event: Relaxed evening with NAIPO, Morning Machine and CAPTN Coffee in Hafencity

We, the team from NAIPO, Morning Machine and CAPTN Coffee, have joined forces to offer you an evening of relaxation, enjoyment and innovation. 

The free event has a chance of winning a Morning Machine worth €500!

Event details:


  1. Exclusive raffle: The event offers a chance to win a Morning Machine worth €500.
  2. Practical experience: Visitors can try out four different Morning Machines right on site.
  3. specialty drink: In addition to classic coffee, a special drink, the espresso tonic, is offered.
  4. Exclusive discount: There is a 10% discount on the Morning Machine for event-goers only.
  5. Product presentation: A personal introduction to the special coffee capsules used in the Morning Machine.
  6. Expert Support: Direct assistance and answers to questions about the Morning Machine from the on-site team of experts.

What are you expecting?

Warm welcome: Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a freshly brewed coffee and guided through our check-in process. Your presence will be recorded for our exclusive raffle - you have the chance to win a Morning Machine!

Pure relaxation: Get to know the unique massage products from NAIPO and learn from our experts how you can use them to effectively reduce stress and tension.

Coffee innovation: Discover the Morning Machine - not just in theory, but in practice. We're going to build four of these machines for you to try out for yourself. After introducing Anthony, I will introduce you to the special coffee capsules used in the machine.

Coffee enjoyment & support: If you have any questions or are interested in the Morning Machine, we are always at your side. During free time you can enjoy the coffee and our team will be on hand to answer questions and provide support.

Exclusive Drink: In addition to the usual coffee, we also offer espresso tonic, with tonic and cups kindly provided by Captn Coffee.

Special offer: All machines and capsules are tagged so you can buy them directly. And the best? Only for the visitors of the event there is an exclusive 10% discount on the Morning Machine!

Be there! The number of seats is limited. Register quickly via the following link: Event registration

Do you have any questions? We are there for you! Simply contact us at: or by phone at (040) 88 36 90 18.

Spend a magical evening with us and immerse yourself in the world of relaxation and coffee enjoyment. It will be an evening you will remember for a long time.

We look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely, The NAIPO, Morning Machine & CAPTN Coffee Team.

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