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iF Design Award for NAIPO

NAIPO, a leading manufacturer of massage and wellness products, is proud to accept the prestigious iF Design Award for the NAIPO oFlexiSpa Steam Foot Massager. This innovative device offers a unique foot spa experience by combining the craftsmanship of a roller massager with the beneficial effects of steam.

The international jury of the iF Design Awards praised the oFlexiSpa device for its thoughtful design and user-friendly functions. The electric massage rollers are activated at the push of a button, while the well thought-out water filling and disposal mechanisms simplify the use of the device. The spacious foot pockets accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and the attached rubber cover prevents steam from escaping.

The minimalist style and elegant design of the award-winning NAIPO oFlexiSpa Steam Foot Massager blend harmoniously into modern living environments. "We are thrilled with the recognition our oFlexiSpa has received," says NAIPO's Managing Director. "We always strive to offer our customers a wellness experience that combines comfort and functionality with first-class design."

About NAIPO: NAIPO is a leading provider of massage and wellness products. With a focus on design and technology, NAIPO develops innovative products that improve people's well-being.

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