NAIPO Premium Lounge - INCL. NAIPO armchair "Innovative massage experience", TV, blackroom, complete privacy

€24.99 EUR
📍At Grasbrookpark 1, Hafencity
💡Tip: Relax together and save: The Relax Lounge offers great group discounts for each additional person.
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Discover the NAIPO Relax Lounge: Nominated by the German Wellness Association for the Wellness Innovation Award 2023.

Enjoy an individualized full-body massage in one of our high-end NAIPO armchairs in Hamburg's Hafencity. The most modern functions await you, which come incredibly close to a real massage.

For example, we offer you 60 minutes for €24,99. This corresponds to €0,42 per minute.

For comparison: a conventional massage costs around €1-1,5 per minute.

Do something completely new in Hamburg.

Don't limit yourself to the usual activities like cinema or bar.

Expand your horizons with a whole new type of activity in Hamburg.

Right in HafenCity you can experience multi-award-winning NAIPO armchairs in a black room specially developed for relaxation.

10+ massage programs are waiting for you, which are based on deinen customize body.

You can also use a function developed by NASA®, which simulates a feeling of weightlessness that you can only experience in space.

You can round it all off by streaming your favorite series on a large flat screen.

The new way of relaxation.

NAIPO is known from


Massage And Stream.

Feel at home.

Enjoy the massage or extend it even further and stream your content on the TV.

Latest technology

NAIPO armchairs are unique.

NAIPO has already received several awards.

A new sense of relaxation meets state-of-the-art technology.

Control everything with the integrated NAIPO tablet.

The right ambience.

The Relax Lounge is completely darkened and designed as a black room.

Details such as selected designer lamps and sound insulation complement the ambience.

Relaxation for your companion.

The NAIPO Relax Lounge is ideal for in between.

You can also charge your smartphone during your stay.

We make regular massages available to everyone.

We offer you 25 minutes for €17,99. This corresponds to €0,7 per minute. For comparison: A conventional massage costs about €1.5-3 per minute - at least twice as much.

Right in Hafencity, Hamburg.

Easy to reach.

Am Grasbrookpark 1, 20457 Hamburg

Directly at the exit of the U4 Überseequartier.

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Customer questions and answers

Ask a question
  • How many people can we come with?


    the lounge can accommodate a maximum of 3x people per booking. However, you can, for example, only book for one or two people - the second or third place then remains free so that privacy can be maintained.

    You can select the number of people and the desired time in our booking widget.


  • Hi, tell me, are you allowed to bring food and drink into the room?


    Eating or drinking is not permitted in the lounge for hygiene reasons. 

    Of course you can eat and drink in the open area. 

    We offer a small seating area for this. 

    Please note that from January 15.01.2024th, 23 to January 01.2024rd, XNUMX the seating area will not be available due to renovation work.


    Relaxed greetings

  • Hello, We have booked an appointment with you this evening. Is it possible to take a dog with you?


    Yes, that is possible. However, your dog cannot go into the lounge for hygiene reasons. In this case he would have to stay on the area. If necessary, please call us again: 040 88369018

    see you later!

  • Hello dear Naipo team! Is there a weight limit to use the lounge?


    The maximum weight for a NAIPO armchair in the Relax Lounge is 130kg. 



  • Hello,…can I also buy vouchers from you without a fixed date?


    Yes, there are now gift vouchers available both on site at the Hafencity location and of course online as a digital voucher. :)

  • Hello, You can also buy vouchers without a fixed date for the lounge. Unfortunately, I don't know in advance when my brother will be in Hamburg and when we can find an appointment.


    yes, you can now buy vouchers at the Hafencity location. Also available as a digital voucher directly on :)