JCMaster JD6MW + 4x diamond bits - ideal for beginners


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"Due to its high performance, the device is not only an ideal aid for private users, but can also be used for professional use in the nail salon." -Electric nail file test, test report JSDA 6MW nail cutter


︎ The most important thing about this product

  • Optimal working speed: The speed (0-25000 rpm) can be set precisely and continuously. Regardless of the selected speed, the nail cutter runs smoothly over the long term.
  • Complete nail cutter set: Modern, safe, suitable for mobile use, easy to use and effective. Ideally suited for all types of nail design (e.g. gel nails) or for removing calluses. / CERTIFIED
  • Newest model: Control unit with ergonomic handpiece, holder and button for nail work (e.g. gel nails, French nails)
  • Modern technology: Handpiece including unlocking tool, lowest noise & minimal vibration.
  • Free extra: Including free 4 amateur bits for the handpiece, which fulfill various functions in manicure and pedicure and are easy to change.

    ▶ ︎Description

    EAN: 4260397840252

    This nail cutter is ideal for all areas of nail design and continuous use in nail studios.

    The router is special good for getting started in the nail modeling, offers an excellent service for all beginners who want to live out their creativity in the nail modeling.

    This nail burr can also be used in conjunction with the appropriate to remove calluses such as those that arise from weight training / fitness on the palm of the hand Sanding sleeves an excellent remedy and counteracts the keratinization of the skin.

    The device works extremely with the handpiece low noise and vibration, which prevents unpleasant pain from prolonged use and allows you to work precisely even in longer sessions without slipping. 

    In addition, you can adapt the speed (0-25000 rpm) very precisely and continuously to your work process. This is particularly important because, for example, with particularly complex nail designs, the speed of the various work steps can often vary in order to achieve optimal results.

    This nail cutter will give your nails a new shine and conjure up prominent nails! 


    ▶ ︎ Specifications 

    Model: 6MW; Color white ; Input: AC220V-240V; Frequency: 50-60HZ; Input current: 0.3A; Output: DC4-12V; Power: 35W 

    Specifications of the handpiece 
    Mode: JD6M; Speed: 0-25000RPM.MAX; Torque: 2.2Ncm; Handpiece weight: about 120g; Handpiece dimensions: 144mm; Bit holder: 2,2 mm to 2,5 mm (diameter); Direction of travel: forward and reverse


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