JCM Beauty Premium cutter attachments, coarse, set - bits made of ceramic & hard metal - cutter bits for gel nails and acrylic nail cylinders

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"The bits lie well in the chuck and even after prolonged use there is no noticeable imbalance in the attachments, which would lead to greater wear." - Expert test, March 2018, kaufberater.io



▶ ︎ The most important thing about this product

  • Premium equipment: Consists of 1x ceramic bit and 1x hard metal bit in medium thickness. Professional and private use
  • Different areas of application including rough removal of nail modeling
  • Professional quality: Excellent cutting ability, durable, efficient and easy to use | also very corrosion-resistant
  • For non-stop continuous use: Extremely low heat development, even with several consecutive sessions & also very smooth running
  • Tested & certified: FDA tested and certified nail milling bits. Standard dimensions: Suitable for all commercially available nail burs and left and right-handers 

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▶ ︎ Description 


Carbide bit:

Bits made of hard metal are used at  Applications on artificial nails. 

These hard metal attachments allow you to do a quick and effective job. They fit all commercially available nail burs. 

They are made of durable fabrics and are therefore very suitable for professional nail designers and anyone who wants to remove modelage efficiently.

However, this carbide bit should never be used on natural nails. 

Tungsten carbide attachments are suitable for all common work on gel and artificial nails. With hard metal bits you can also file the tip transition, file extension gels thinner and shorten or shape the nails.

Carbide attachments are characterized by their extremely low heat generation. They shine with a very high removal rate, so that you can quickly remove the old model. In addition, carbide bits are very wear-free and they also impress with their particularly high load capacity.

Ideal for long-term use. 


Ceramic bit:

Ceramic bits have an extremely good stock removal and cutting ability with an enormous longevity.

They ensure a particularly smooth run when working with a good nail burr and there is little or no heat, even after several consecutive sessions.

Ceramic attachments are generally excellent for medical foot and nail care, especially for diabetics and allergy sufferers. You can also remove nail fungus, calluses and corns (clavus) with ceramic bits. 

This bit is suitable for all common nail design devices. 

Zudem they are suitable for working on very hard, thickened nails and effectively removing keratinized areas on feet or hands.

Areas of application for ceramic attachments are the removal of gel and acrylic, as well as cosmetic foot care.

Thanks to the high-performance ceramic coating, the attachments are very durable and therefore ideally suited for frequent use on gel nails. Due to the very hard material, you can use this bit to remove old gel or acrylic modeling particularly quickly and efficiently and quickly continue with the next work process on the nail. 

 Ideally suited for nail burs from JCMASTER and JSDA, but also all other common electric nail files.

A must-have for every nail lover!

▶ ︎ Cleaning the bits 

Disinfecting or killing germs and removing dirt that has collected on the bits is particularly important.

A drilling bath is particularly suitable for this, as it not only kills the germs, but also loosens the dirt on the bits.

▶ ︎ Scope of delivery

1x ceramic cutter bit
1x carbide cutter bit

Protection for the bits


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▶ ︎ Our recommendation


We recommend one as a supplement Nagelfräser. Our nail designers explain in this article various Milling bits.

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