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Massage chair and company health management (BGM)

In many German companies, employees spend most of their working day sitting, with the importance of a healthy posture often being neglected. This situation, coupled with the typical stress factors of everyday work, often leads to health problems.

Take advantage of government funding

You can submit €600,00 per employee to the tax office every year!

Benefit from government support to keep your workforce healthy.

In addition, the state offers a subsidy for 600,00€ per employee for measures taken by the employer to improve general health (according to §3 No. 34 EStG).

The implementation of a company health management aims to combat these problems and to improve the general health of the workforce. A particularly effective tool in this context are massage chairs. Not only can they improve the physical condition and productivity of employees, but they also help prevent common health problems such as poor posture and stress. However, it is important that comprehensive health management takes various areas into account, including safety at work, the reintegration of employees and the active promotion of health.

massage chair represent an attractive option for workplace health promotion. They can be easily integrated into any office environment and can positively influence the health of several employees with just one device. In addition, the employees appreciate the added value that a massage chair offers.

While the massage is being performed, employees can simultaneously communicate with colleagues, enjoy music or listen to audio for work. In addition, the armchairs offer additional functions such as integrated heating systems and a variety of programs that contribute to relaxation and have proven positive effects on body and mind.

The implementation of massage chairs in the workplace brings benefits to both the direct users and the entire company. Regular massages allow employees to work in a more relaxed and concentrated manner, which reduces the risk of illness in the long term. Overall, the company benefits because satisfied and healthy employees do better quality work, increase their workload and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Rent a massage chair

Renting a massage chair is an excellent way to bring the benefits of a massage chair to your business without having to make an immediate investment. A top choice for renting a massage chair is NAIPO. NAIPO offers a range of premium massage chairs that are renowned for their superior quality, durability and versatility. Whether you want to rent the chair for a short period of time or are looking for a long-term solution, NAIPO offers flexible rental options to meet your specific needs. With NAIPO you have the opportunity to promote the health of your employees while maintaining financial flexibility.

Massage chairs and purchase on account for companies

The NAIPO brand offers corporate customers a particularly convenient payment option: purchase on account. This enables your company to initially purchase a massage chair without direct payment. Instead, you will receive an invoice that must be paid within 30 days. This gives you greater financial flexibility and allows you to start reaping the benefits of a NAIPO massage chair right away while allowing payment to be deferred to a later date. NAIPO understands the needs of businesses and therefore offers solutions tailored to your financial needs.