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NAIPO in an interview with RTL

As a manufacturer of high-quality massage devices, we offer a variety of devices. The entire body is covered with our massage devices. Most of our products are designed for a specific area of ​​the body. For example, we offer neck massage devices for the neck and shoulder area, massage seat covers for the entire back, neck and buttocks, and foot massage devices for the feet. Our range also includes devices that cover the entire body. This includes our massage armchairs and massage chairs.

It can be divided into these categories:

Neck massage, shoulder massage, leg & foot massage, back massage, full body massage and hand-held devices, which are used on the entire body. We strive to enable health and wellbeing for people of all ages and lifestyles.


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Today almost everyone calls their massage devices "Shiatsu massage" - why not you?

The interview about the online shop

In order to be able to answer this question, it is first of all important to understand what Shiatsu actually means. A Shiatsu massage is a traditional Japanese massage in which pressure is exerted on the body with the help of the thumbs. This pressure is usually carried out in conjunction with a circular movement. With the help of this type of massage, muscle tension can be relieved, blood flow stimulated and blocked energies flow again. This activates the self-healing powers and we find our way back into our equilibrium. For this reason, not all massage devices can be called "Shiatsu Massage".

There are also massage devices, for example, which perform a tapping massage and are therefore not a Shiatsu massage. Most of our devices, however, are Shiatsu massage devices and are also referred to as such. It is very important for us that the customer knows and understands the different types of massage in order to find a suitable device for him. We therefore rely on customer-oriented service via telephone, email and WhatsApp. Our customers can also reach us via Facebook.

How do your models differ from the competition?

We sell our products directly to the end customer, without wholesalers and intermediaries. This has the advantage that we can offer our products at a lower price with the same quality as the competition. The customer proximity is also much closer here, so that the customer feedback goes directly to us. This enables us to react quickly to problems and to continuously improve our products and our service.

Are only healthy people allowed to use your devices?

An interview about the products from the online shop Naipo

A clear no! We want to help people with our devices. It starts with people who are stressed by their work or, for example, in the family, and who are looking for relaxation with our massage devices. Office workers with back problems or athletes with muscle tension also rely on our products. Seniors with muscle pain also experience relief thanks to our massage devices.

Sometimes we also receive inquiries from customers with a pacemaker and ask us whether they can use our devices with their pacemaker. It depends on which pacemaker model it is, if we can provide information with 100% certainty, we will advise these customers immediately. Otherwise we always refer to a doctor.

Are the massagers suitable for pregnant women?

Pregnant women should of course be especially careful with massages during pregnancy. The child's best interests must come first. That is why we recommend products for the neck and shoulders to pregnant women, which are often tense in pregnant women. Foot massage devices can also be used without any problems. Massage devices for the back and abdomen, as well as massage chairs should be avoided during pregnancy.

Are you planning further products in 2020?

As a specialist manufacturer of massage devices, we of course ensure that our devices comply with the latest standards and technologies. New products can be found in our range on a regular basis. For 2020 we have mainly focused on new massage chairs. The subject of health, relaxation and well-being is now becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well. Especially in Asian countries, massages are part of everyday life and offer real added value to the quality of life. Due to the high prices for professional massages, regular massage is not possible for the majority of people in Germany. This is exactly where we want to start and offer people in Germany a regular, affordable massage.

In order to bring a new product onto the market, our research department must first develop a new product, before it can then go into production, the products must of course be certified to ensure that the product does not pose any safety risks and that the materials are EU-compliant .

Where do you sell equipment? Is Naipo also available on Amazon or other online shops?

We offer our products on the major marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Real, Rakuten, Cdiscount). You can also find and order our products via our own webshop We also publish informative blog articles on the subject of massage and well-being on our webshop. Furthermore, two shops in Hamburg are already being planned for 2020, in which our customers can test the products on site and expect intensive advice. This concept will be implemented across Germany in the coming years.


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