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Can massage induce labor?

Many pregnant women wonder if massage can induce labor. They worry that going into labor too soon or unexpectedly could harm their baby. The good news is that the research agrees: there is no evidence that massage can induce labor unless combined with other techniques that can dilate the cervix and thus help induce labor.

However, massage is good for pregnant women – it relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and relieves lower back pain, which can be very helpful. Regular massage during pregnancy helps to improve blood flow and lymph flow and reduce unnecessary stress hormones. This allows the time of birth to pass more easily. As a result, midwives often recommend that mothers have a professional massage during the last few months as part of their preparation for childbirth.

However, caution should be exercised - abortion or labor facilitating techniques should never be used without medical supervision. While massage is unlikely to induce labor on its own, you should consult your doctor or midwife before attempting any type of massage and seek advice.