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If you want to enjoy the luxury of a massage chair, placing it in the right place is crucial. A massage chair can be perfectly integrated into any living environment and offers many ways to increase your comfort. Read this blog post to learn more about which location to choose for your massage chair.

The first point when setting up one massage chair is the positioning within the space. Ideally, the armchair should be placed so that you can see the entire room. If the chair is too far from the edge of the room, it's easy to forget that you're in another part of the house. You should also keep an eye on the distance to other furniture - ideally place it no closer than 2-3 meters from a sofa or chair.

For the best possible relaxation, many experts also recommend placing the massage chair in a secluded niche or corner. If you want to feel like you are shutting out the world around you and surrender yourself to comfort, such a position is optimal. For example, you can play with limited light and put the chair in the shade - so you can switch off and sink in without distraction!

Nevertheless, one should also remember that the massage chair will be used regularly - that's why it is advisable to place it in a convenient place so that you can easily reach it. In addition, the seat should be easily available - depending on the size of the room, it is often advisable anyway not to take up a large area and to use wall mounting to provide more free space in the room.

If you pay attention to all of these points - i.e. take into account the positioning within the room and the spatial proximity of existing furniture - it works Enjoy your new massage chair nothing stands in the way! It's best to use quality time strategically and plan all the details in advance - for ultimate relaxation!

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