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How does the body scan work on massage chairs?

The body scan in massage chairs is an advanced technology that allows the chair to detect and adjust to the user's individual body shape. This results in a personalized and effective massage experience. This article explains in detail how the body scan works, the advantages, as well as technical details and application instructions.

Have you ever wondered how massage chairs manage to provide a customized massage? The answer lies in the so-called body scan. This technology revolutionizes the way massages are experienced at home. A well-designed body scan ensures that each user receives a massage tailored to their needs, which significantly increases efficiency and comfort.

What is a body scan?

Definition and basics

A body scan in massage chairs is a process in which the chair uses sensors and technology to detect the user's body shape and size. This data is used to optimally adapt the massage elements of the chair to the individual anatomy.

How does the body scan work on massage chairs?

 The technology behind the body scan

  • Sensors and detection

Massage chairs like the NAIPO massage chair use a combination of different sensors to scan the user's body. These sensors can detect pressure points, body types and sizes. Some models use infrared sensors, while others rely on mechanical pressure sensors.

  • Data processing and adaptation

After the sensors have recorded the body data, the massage chair processes this information. The chair's software creates a 3D model of the body, which is then used to precisely position the massage elements - such as rollers and air cushions.

Steps of the body scan

  • Initialization

The body scan usually begins as soon as the user is in the chair and the massage starts. The chair slowly moves up and scans the user's body.

  • Data Collection

While the scan is being performed, the sensors continuously collect data about the contours of the body, the length of the spine and the position of the shoulders.

  • Adjusting the massage

Based on the data collected, the massage chair adapts its massage programs. The rollers and air cushions are adjusted to specifically massage the identified pressure points.

Benefits of the body scan

Personalized massage experience

Through the body scan, each user receives an individual massage that is specifically tailored to their body shape and needs. This maximizes the effectiveness of the massage and increases comfort.

Precision and efficiency

The body scan ensures that the massage elements are positioned precisely. This prevents incorrect placement and ensures that the right points on the body are stimulated.

Identification of problem areas

The body scan can also help identify problem areas such as tension or hardening. This allows the massage chair to target these areas.

Technical details and innovations

Advanced sensor technology

Modern massage chairs like the NAIPO massage chair use sophisticated sensors that allow for very precise detection of body contours. This technology is constantly evolving to provide even more precise and personalized massages.

Integration with massage programs

The data from the body scan is integrated into the chair's various massage programs. This allows the user to choose from a variety of massage types, all tailored to their specific needs.

Ease of use

Despite the advanced technology, the body scan is usually very user-friendly. Many models offer a simple user interface that makes it easy to control the scan and the subsequent massage.

Application instructions and tips

Optimal use of the body scan

  • Regular calibration

To ensure the best possible massage experience, the body scan should be calibrated regularly. This ensures that the sensors always provide accurate data.

  • Adaptation to different users

If the massage chair is used by several people, it is advisable to carry out the body scan before each use. This ensures that each user receives an individually tailored massage.

Naipo has massage chairs with full body scanning function - here are their differences.

MGC-A350BR: The bestseller

  • Offers zero-gravity position, foot massage, heating function and various automatic programs.
  • Ideal for individual relaxation and work environments where complete relaxation is required.

MGC-5866: Technologically advanced

  • Based on the MGC-A350BR with advanced massage techniques.
  • Improved foot massage rollers and more air cushions for more comprehensive foot care.
  • Modern design, especially for young people who value advanced technology and aesthetic design.


MGC-8600: The high-end armchair

  • Offers the latest technology such as kneading massage for the calves, a variety of massage intensities and additional automatic programs.

  • Futuristic design, perfect for modern living spaces and comprehensive relaxation experience.


MGC-8900: The top model


  • The most exclusive model with the most advanced massage technology.
  • Includes 3D flex rails, dual motor technology and aromatherapy function.
  • Adapts gently to the body and offers an individual massage experience, similar to a professional massage.



The body scan is a remarkable technology that makes massage chairs like the NAIPO massage chair an indispensable tool for relaxation and well-being. The precise adjustment to the individual body shape of the user enables a highly effective and comfortable massage experience.


1. How often should the body scan be performed?

It is recommended to perform the body scan before each use, especially if the massage chair is used by several people. This ensures a personalized massage experience, as the scan records the body measurements of each user and adjusts the massage points and intensities accordingly.

2. Can the body scan also detect health problems?

The body scan is primarily intended for customizing the massage, but can also identify tension and pressure points that could indicate potential health issues. This allows for more targeted treatment and promotes awareness of individual health needs.

3. Is the body scan suitable for all body types?

Yes, most modern massage chairs can adjust to a variety of body types and sizes, ensuring personalized and comfortable use.

4. How long does the body scan take?

The scanning process usually takes just a few minutes and occurs automatically at the start of the massage. During this time, the massage chair analyzes the user's body measurements, including the length of the back, the position of the shoulders and other relevant points. This information is used to determine the optimal massage points and intensities for a customized massage experience. The automatic scan ensures that each user receives the best possible treatment, adapted to their individual physical characteristics and needs.

5. Can the body scan be used with any massage chair?

Not all massage chairs have a body scan feature that automatically detects the user's body measurements and adjusts the massage accordingly. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a model like the Naipo massage chair that offers this advanced technology. The body scan allows for a customized massage experience that is tailored to the user's specific needs and preferences. This not only ensures comfort and effectiveness, but can also help identify and treat potential health issues.

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