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Are massage chairs generally good or bad?

Massage chairs offer numerous benefits such as relaxation, pain relief and improved circulation. However, they are expensive, take up a lot of space and require regular maintenance. Whether they are a good or bad choice depends on individual needs and priorities.

Who hasn't experienced this? After a long day at work, you long for relaxation and a soothing massage. But not everyone has the time or budget to visit a professional masseur on a regular basis. This is where massage chairs come in, promising to be the perfect solution for tired muscles and stressed nerves. But are they really as good as they seem? Or are there also downsides to consider? Let's explore the pros and cons of massage chairs together and find out whether they are a good investment for your well-being.

Benefits of massage chairs

relaxation and stress reduction 

Massage chairs are primarily known for their relaxing properties. The gentle, rhythmic movements and pleasant warmth can help to relieve the stress of everyday life and relax the muscles. Especially after a stressful day, a session in a massage chair can feel like a journey to your own oasis of well-being.

pain relief 

Many people suffer from chronic back pain or tension in the neck and shoulder area. Massage chairs can help here. Targeted massage programs relieve tension and promote blood circulation, which can lead to significant pain relief.

Improvement of blood circulation 

Another benefit of massage chairs is the improvement of blood circulation. The massage movements stimulate blood flow and promote the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tissues. This can not only speed up healing but also increase general well-being.

flexibility and comfort

A massage chair is ready to use at any time and does not require an appointment. You can use it whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. This makes massage chairs an extremely practical solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a massage on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of massage chairs

High acquisition costs

A major disadvantage of massage chairs is the high initial cost. High-quality models can cost several thousand euros. This is a significant investment that should be carefully considered. It is important to weigh the costs against the long-term benefits and consider whether the investment is worth it.


Massage chairs are often large and bulky. They require a fixed place in the house, which can be a problem especially in smaller apartments. Before you buy a massage chair, you should make sure that you have enough space available.

maintenance and repairs

Like any technical device, massage chairs require regular maintenance. In addition, repairs in the event of defects can be costly. It is important to take this into account when choosing a massage chair and to find out about the manufacturer's warranty and service conditions.

Not suitable for everyone

Not everyone can fully enjoy the benefits of a massage chair. People with certain health conditions, such as heart problems or acute injuries, should discuss the use of a massage chair with their doctor. In some cases, massage may be contraindicated and cause more harm than good.

Some of the best massage chairs on the market

The NAIPO massage chair is a great example of a high quality product. It offers a variety of massage programs and features suitable for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Thanks to its robust construction and attractive design, it is a popular choice among many consumers.

Our products come in different models. You can choose the model that best suits your home, budget and functional needs. If you think that a description by text is too one-sided, I strongly recommend you to try one of our Experience shops to visit and experience our massage chairs for yourself.

MGCHR-A150: Inexpensive and space-saving

Our MGCHR-A150 is a very affordable massage chair that costs only 698 euros, which is comparable to a high-quality small sofa. Not only does it impress with its attractive appearance, but it also offers a gentle back and hip massage that is ideal for muscle relaxation and promoting blood circulation. This chair is perfect for workplaces where taking off shoes is not possible, or for those looking for quick and easy relaxation. In addition, it can also be used as a small armchair and takes up little space, making it ideal for small spaces.

MGC-1900B: The extended model

The MGC-1900B is based on the MGCHR-A150 and has been expanded to include additional functions such as a leg massage and a larger number of air cushions. It also offers a reclining function that allows for even better relaxation. Despite these expanded functions, the price remains affordable at just 1299 euros. This chair is ideal for work environments where taking off shoes is not possible. Compared to the A150, the MGC-1900B is more comfortable and can specifically relax important areas of the body. 

MGC-A350BR: The bestseller

Our MGC-A350BR is our best-selling model and offers all the essential functions of a high-quality massage chair: zero-gravity position, foot massage, heating function and various automatic programs. Despite its extensive functions, the price remains very affordable compared to other high-end massage chairs. You can choose the right automatic program depending on your relaxation needs. 

MGC-5866: Technologically advanced

The MGC-5866, based on the MGC-A350BR, has been technically developed further. The foot massage rollers have been expanded to three rows and the number of air cushions has been increased to enable improved foot care. Its stylish and elegant design makes it particularly popular with younger people. Not only does it offer advanced massage techniques, but it also impresses with its vibrant design.

MGC-8600: The high-end armchair

Our MGC-8600 is a high-end model equipped with the latest technology. In addition to the standard functions, it has a kneading massage for the calves, a variety of adjustable massage intensities and additional automatic programs. The air cushions cover almost all areas of the body and ensure comprehensive relaxation. The massage chair is characterized by its futuristic design, which fits perfectly into modern and minimalist decorative environments.

MGC-8900: The top model

We present you sfinally the MGC-8900, our most exclusive model, offering the most advanced massage technology. Thanks to the 3D flex rail technology, the chair adapts gently to the body and offers an individual massage experience. The dual motor technology allows you to massage two areas of the body at the same time, simulating the experience of a professional massage. The armchair also has an aromatherapy function for even more complete relaxation.


Whether massage chairs are good or bad depends on individual needs and priorities. They offer numerous benefits such as relaxation, pain relief and improved circulation, but they also come with high costs, space requirements and maintenance. If you are willing to accept these disadvantages, massage chairs can be a worthwhile investment in your well-being. For those who want to regularly reap the benefits of a massage without leaving home, massage chairs like the NAIPO are an excellent choice.


1. Are massage chairs suitable for everyone? 

Not everyone can fully benefit from a massage chair. People with certain health conditions should consult their doctor before using it.

2. How much does a good massage chair cost? 

The prices for high-quality massage chairs can vary greatly, but usually start at several hundred euros and can go up to several thousand euros.

3. How often should you use a massage chair? 

This depends on individual needs. Many users find daily sessions of 15-30 minutes beneficial, while others only use them occasionally.

4. What functions should a good massage chair have? 

A good massage chair should offer various massage programs and techniques, have adjustable settings and be made of high-quality materials.

5. Where can I buy a NAIPO massage chair? 

NAIPO massage chairs are available online from various retailers, so it's worth reading reviews and comparing prices to find the best deal.

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