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Are massage chairs healthy? You should know that!

Massage has long been used to achieve a wide range of health benefits, including relieving pain, improving circulation and speeding the healing process.

But what about massage chairs? Are massage chairs healthy?

This article clarifies.

massage chair At the time of their invention, their primary purpose was to put the user into a state of relaxation and calm.

Although they undoubtedly achieved this goal, they can do much more.

So, to answer the question of whether massage chairs are healthy, modern day massage chairs can bring health benefits. 

It is important to know that advertising with such promises is not easily possible.

The customer service for NAIPO massage chairs can therefore not answer questions such as "Does the massage chair help with xyz". 

A doctor must be consulted.


In the past, many massage chairs were unhealthy


One of the reasons massage chairs do more than just relax is that the best massage chairs available today are a vast improvement over previous versions.

In the beginning, massage chairs were not very sophisticated and only offered a few functions.

Many models only had one rail installed, which moved.

In many cases they could only apply pressure in a few places and only with the most basic movements.

Targeted movement could not always be guaranteed.

The difference between the massage chairs available today and those that were on the market ten or twenty years ago is huge.

The latest models cover key areas from head to toe, including the following:

the head and shoulders the upper and lower back the arms and hands the legs and feet..

They therefore have the potential to significantly affect your health.

Healthy Benefits: Effects of Modern Massage Chairs on Health

In which specific situations can the use of a massage chair have a positive effect on health?

The benefits described by people (and confirmed by studies in many cases) include the following, although this depends on the physical condition of the person, the frequency of use of the chair and other circumstances.

Some of these benefits are:

  1. Relief from pain
    Regular use of a massage chair can help relieve discomfort in many different areas of the body.

    One area that particularly benefits from massage is the lower back. Lower back pain is often relieved when muscles in the back that have been overly tight for a variety of reasons begin to relax.

    In fact, research suggests that for many people, massage is more helpful in relieving lower back pain than other treatments, such as acupuncture or medication.

    While it is imperative that you follow your doctor's orders, incorporating massage sessions into your overall treatment plan can prove beneficial.

  2. Less headaches.
    It's possible that the tightness in your muscles is contributing to your headaches, especially your migraines.
    The most effective massage chairs work by relieving or eliminating muscle tension, which in turn can help reduce the number of headaches and their severity.

  3. A faster recovery time after exercise.
    During any strenuous exercise, your muscles produce lactic acid. This result of exercising leads to fatigue and soreness in the muscles. Your body gradually breaks down the lactic acid and flushes it out of your muscles. Regular use of a modern massage chair will help your body eliminate lactic acid and help you recover more fully and quickly from exercise, which is confirmed by both sports coaches and athletes.

  4. Your blood pressure and heart rate are lowered.
    The stress that our busy schedules puts on our bodies often manifests itself in the form of muscle tension in various parts of the body, particularly in the shoulders and neck.

    This tension can then amplify the response of something called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), leading to increases in blood pressure and heart rate.
    High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is associated with a higher risk of various diseases such as heart disease, stroke and damage to organs such as the kidneys. The soothing and health-promoting effect of massage on the body makes it an excellent stress-reducing tool.
    It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the PNS, and helps moderate the effects of the sympathetic nervous system.

    In other words, the best massage chairs help restore the body's natural balance and make a positive contribution to improving blood pressure and heart rate.
    The effects of stress on the body can include suppressing the immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. A massage will enable your immune system to work more efficiently as it will help you relax.
    While massage itself does not protect against disease, it can help set the stage for your body to better fight disease.

  5. Lowering of cortisol levels.
    The body's "fight-or-flight" response is fueled by the hormone cortisol, which is released in response to stressful situations.
    In certain circumstances, cortisol plays a necessary and crucial role; however, chronically elevated cortisol levels can lead to a number of health problems in the body.
    Massage has been shown to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and the "stress response" in the body.
  6. emotional wellbeing
    The Effects of Massage Chairs on Your Emotional Well-Being.
    Our knowledge of the ways in which the mind can affect the body and vice versa is ever increasing.

    It is already well known that a number of mental and emotional problems also have physiological manifestations.

    For example, the specific process that causes mental illness is not fully understood, but there is growing evidence that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol may contribute to these conditions. Massage can help relieve mood swings, anxiety, and depression symptoms by relieving stress and rebalancing the body. This happens because the massage helps relieve tension.

So, you recognize what health benefits a massage chair can bring

The best massage chairs have certain characteristics that allow them to offer extraordinary benefits to the users' health.

For example, they exert the ideal invigorating pressure from head to toe.

A wonderful example of this is the Model P massage chair.

Thanks to its L-Track massage technology, this chair reaches parts of the body that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional massage chairs.

The latest models of massage chairs also come with a selection of different "routines" to choose from.

This gives you the opportunity to choose a program that suits your specific needs and choose a different program next time if it seems more appropriate to you.

In addition, you can manually combine several types of massage.

This offers you the opportunity to personalize your routine, which can prove especially valuable as you become more comfortable with your chair and the benefits you experience from the different types of massage.

In addition, the visual appeal of your chair is very important, even if it does not affect the health of your body.

The mind-body connection, how you feel in your chair and how you feel overall should factor into your decision-making when comparing different massage chairs.

Last but not least, your massage chair needs to have a solid guarantee if you want to avoid it becoming a source of stress in your life.

If you e.g. For example, if you buy a massage chair from NAIPO, you can test the relaxation chair in the comfort of your own home for a whole month.


Sources and studies that indicate that massage chairs are healthy

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