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Methods for controlling massage chairs

So far there have been numerous articles on our blog explaining how massage chairs work, including their various functions. With this post we go back to the basics, which for someone who doesn't have any Experience with massage chairs has, are not necessarily obvious.

The chair can be controlled in many ways, not just by remote control.

The design of the remote control and the functions that can be controlled with it obviously depend on the technological sophistication of the model.

Now let's get to the point i.e. the different ways of controlling massage chairs.


Economic Massage chairs, which offer basic features, have easy-to-use ones built into the chair.

These controls are all visually very similar. What they also have in common is that the activated functions are indicated by LEDs.

In some models, the controller is used to select an automatic program, the position of the massaging arms, the massage technique and the intensity levels of the air massage.


The most common way to control massage chairs is through a control device that is connected to the body of the chair with a cable.

In some models it is a controller without a display, and the change in function is indicated by sound and LEDs.

More advanced armchairs have classic control panels with displays. Their design and operation are quite similar.

The active functions and the selected massage parameters are displayed on the screen.

Thanks to the navigation buttons, switching between settings is easy and intuitive.

Selected settings can also be changed without going through the controller's menu - for example, extending the massage time or selecting a technique (depending on the model).

The layout of the buttons on the chair's controller is well thought out, allowing the user to easily find the main functions and adjust the massage parameters to suit their needs.


NAIPO has chosen a combination of the buttons of a traditional controller (basic functions such as switching on, tilting, heating, etc.) with a touchscreen - this makes it possible, for example, to select an automatic program or massage parameters (intensity, position of the massage arms or focusing the massage on one specific part).

This solution provides quick access to the most commonly used features and makes it easy to dive into dozens of advanced settings. Basically one is Tablet not necessary for all groups of people who want a massage chair want to buy.


The control of other models is different - all of them are equipped with a touch panel, or rather two types of it.

The chairs have controllers with touch-sensitive buttons arranged around a color display. Other models are controlled by a panel whose entire surface is touch-sensitive.

In these chairs, the layout of the buttons depends on the current interface screen that is being displayed.

This is a very convenient way of control: despite the abundance of functions, it is easy to move from one menu setting to the next, each screen is intuitive, clear and easy to understand.


Another way to control is via a mobile app that can be installed on your smartphone.

The armchair that offers this type of control is the most advanced model, not only because of all the functions but also because of the control options. The chair operation can be controlled via an app with proprietary software.


Basic functions in more technologically advanced armchairs can also be controlled via a convenient built-in control panel. In some models the control panel is located in the right armrest, while in other models it is located above the air cushions that massage the forearms. This is a convenient way to change basic settings or quickly turn the chair on/off. Depending on the model, you can adjust the position of the backrest or footrest, turn on the heating, increase or decrease the massage intensity or activate voice control.


Finally, we are moving away from all types of controllers.

Some of the armchairs also offer a function to use specific voice commands.

This makes controlling it much easier - you don't have to take your hands out between the massage air cushions to use the controller and change the settings.

This type of control can be found in the armchairs.

As already mentioned, this function can be activated by pressing a button on the built-in control panel or by saying the command “Hi Alice”. Once you hear the response “I’m here,” you can start giving commands in English. For details on voice commands, please refer to the individual chair manuals or the back of the controller.

So, if you are looking for an electric massage chair with a dedicated controller then… any chair will fit the criteria.

And which control method is the best? As always, it depends on the user's preferences. The easiest way is to visit one of our showrooms and try it out. Come over!

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