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Massage chair test - Top 8 - Which is the best massage chair?

Which is the best massage chair?

Our specialists for massage chairs receive this question very often.

The short answer? 

The Model P massage chair, which you HERE .

The long answer with more information that could help you tremendously before you buy?

Find out below. 

You will also receive a selection of tips and answers to important questions about massage chairs that we have collected over the past few years. 


Comparison table*: Which is the best massage chair

placement Model Link
Place 1

  "Model P A350" premium model

Price: 2500 € -3000 €


Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the A350



Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the A350

Place 2

 "Model L 8900" luxury model
Price: 8900 € -10k €



Directly from the manufacturer: 

Click here for the 8900

Directly from the manufacturer: 

Click here for the 8900

Place 3

"Model A150" Minimalist


Directly from the manufacturer: 

Click here for the A150

Price: 700 € -1000 €


Directly from the manufacturer: 

Click here for the A150

Place 4

"1900" massage chair
1300-1400 € €


Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the 1900

Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the 1900

Place 5 Model E (8600) massage chair 

Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the Model E massage chair

Place 6  Model S (5866) massage chair

Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the Model S massage chair

Place 7 Model R (6037) Commercial massage chair

Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the Model R massage chair

Place 8 Model 3 (M15) Commercial Massage Chair 

Directly from the manufacturer:

 Click here for the Model 3 (M15) massage chair

 *The comparison table is based on the aggregated feedback from our customers who have tested NAIPO armchairs

Table of Contents


How did we test the massage chairs?

The massage chairs listed are the favorites of our customers from the web.

After a detailed evaluation of our massage chair customer ratings and tests on the net, we can present the top 8 of our massage chairs to you and have summarized the ratings. 



Whether you've had a backache, had a busy day at the office, or completed a particularly challenging workout, there's nothing like a soothing massage at the end of a stressful day (or at the beginning of the day, if we're being honest).

After evaluating our 340 Massage chairWe can introduce you to the top 3 of our massage chairs with customer ratings and tests online. 

The best massage chairs will help you stretch and relax. With the help of special rolling, kneading and vibration mechanisms in the armchair, you can prepare for a unique experience.

Unlike the large and bulky massage chairs you find in massage parlors or spas, the best massage chairs for the home provide the perfect features without looking too clunky in your home.

We introduce you to our top 3 of the best massage chairs, show you the most important functions and explain what our customers appreciate about the devices.

After all, hardly anything is more helpful than someone who has already had experience with massage chairs.

Our 340 Evaluated customer ratings.

What is the best massage chair for the home?

The best massage chairs for your home help relieve joint and muscle pain, but are also functional pieces of furniture that also serve as normal seating.

Our massage chair test shows our most popular top 3 in comparison.

Features: The best massage chairs have a variety of functions in addition to the standard ones. These include Shiatsu, tapping, kneading and even a weightlessness function - this means that you can lean back in a position in which your feet are level with your heart and you have a feeling of weightlessness. These functions should also be able to be tailored to the exact needs of your body through strength and size. The most common terms relating to massage chairs can be found in our massage chair glossary and a large one Buying guide for massage chairs 2020 can be found on our blog.

airbags: In addition to the massage rollers, many massage chairs are equipped with air cushions that direct compressed air into small bags in the chair. When inflated, the airbags compress the muscles and promote blood flow.

warmth: Another function that we find particularly attractive on a massage chair is its heating function. Local heat is a well-known muscle relaxer that, when combined with the pressure of the massage chair, leads to deep muscle relaxation.

Style and size: Finally, notice how well the armchair will fit into your home. Make sure you take exact measurements of your space to make sure the chair fits comfortably in both the upright and reclining positions. Depending on where you want to place the massage chair, the design of the new relaxation maker will also play a role in your final purchase decision. We have three stylish options in our range with a minimalist, contemporary design that would certainly look great in your living room, bedroom or study.

For whom is a massage chair suitable?

Massage chairs are suitable for anyone who wants to live healthier. There has been a lot of research into massage therapy and its benefits, and if you have your own massage chair you can enjoy it on a daily basis. Below are some of the many physical and mental benefits of massage:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety while increasing productivity and alertness
  • Cheer up the mood 
  • Better sleep 
  • Improving cardiovascular health 
  • Managing lower back pain 
  • Less headache -
  • Awaken creativity 
  • Reignite romance 
  • Become more mobile 
  • Boost immunity 

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of massage chairs for body and soul, please have a look at our article on the top 10 health benefits of massage chairs.

What should you watch out for with a massage chair?

  1. Price: What should a massage chair cost? When buying a massage chair, there is almost no upper price limit. So make sure you understand what the available budget is. Don't worry, you will find suitable new dream furniture in all price ranges.
  2. Application Areas: What should the armchair be used for? Do you want a pure massage chair, or should the piece also serve as a TV chair in the living room? If you have specific pain, some devices may work better than others.
  3. Types of massage: For example, if you would like a special Shiatsu massage, or if you have a specific ailment, the armchair should also be able to treat the respective region and the pain. So take a close look at whether the desired object offers the desired function.
  4. Size: Of course, the new massage helper should also fit into your home. So also take a look at the size of the massage chairs. Most of our models are designed to be extremely space-saving, even if you use the lying function.
  5. Consulting: Should be ours Online massage chair purchase advisor not enough, please contact us or visit one of our Showrooms. We're in the store, via Telephone and email and look forward to helping you with your decision-making.

1. Model P A350 - Naipo Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Our customer favorite is that A350 massage chairwhich, thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, makes our customers happy and leaves nothing to be desired.

massage chair test

The chair offers 12 first-class automatic massage programs, as well as the possibility to create your own massage type.

Thanks to the automatic body scan, the armchair is able to adjust your body perfectly to your body and the right pressure points. With 16 Air cushion airbags for shoulders, arms, hips and calves.


In addition, a 3D surround system is built into the body of the armchair, with which you can be enchanted with your favorite music. This turns the massage into a home spa experience, especially when the integrated heat function is switched on in the cold season to warm up and relax the back muscles.


The whole thing is controlled via 5 quick buttons in the armrest, an elegant remote control with LCD display or voice control (English). There should be the right method for everyone.


The noble design makes this armchair a real gem and makes it appear modern and stylish.

A light blue light shimmers on the sides, which creates a nice atmosphere in the darkened room.

If you start one of the two weightlessness positions now, you can enjoy a unique massage experience.  

Good to know: 

Among other things, the A350 is the winner of the comparison on the TÜV-certified comparison portal and has performed best of all massage chairs (as of March 2021).


What is the A350 massage chair good for?

Customers report, for example:

Absolutely great, we love it. My girlfriend and I use it almost every day, and after a hard day at work, you even fall asleep quickly, the warmth in your back also feels very nice. For 2000 € you get a great product here, you get massaged all over your body. Feet, buttocks, hands, shoulders and the back. - Niklas via Amazon

If you are looking for an armchair in the top class, this model is the right choice. Despite the relatively high price, in our opinion you will find a good price-performance ratio. There is almost no function that we miss. 

Super cool device you have to try out what kind of program is good for you - Dietl P. via


Click here for the A350 massage chair: Click here


Video of the A350 massage chair


2. 8900 - Naipo Premium space capsule design massage chair

This massage chair looks like it could belong in the cockpit of a spaceship and has features that Star Trek fans can only dream of.

The 8900 model offers a full body massage, with eight Neck and back rolls and 38 air cushion airbags for shoulders, arms, hips and calves, as well as an airbag and roll combination for an intensive foot massage.

massage chair test

In addition, it has a heating pad function for the lower back area (lumbar warmth) and 12 professionally designed massage programs as well as fully customizable settings for the massage area, massage type, speed, air pressure and strength. The two NASA-inspired zero gravity positions also ensure that you feel practically weightless and can experience an even more intense massage.

There are a few other extras on this chair that we believe deliver a unique spa experience, including 3D surround sound that allows you to set your own relaxing music or soundscape. The touchscreen for intuitive operation of the armchair and the option to charge your smartphone with or without a cable round off the experience.

Although the device is not the smallest, this massage chair is a real space saver. Thanks to the innovative sliding and reclining mechanism, the massage chair only needs 5 cm from the wall to bring it into a reclining position. If you are looking for an absolute professional device, the 8900 model will make a dream come true. The body scan function scans your body and optimally adapts the massage rollers and air cushions to your body. On your marks, get set, relax!

This is what the network says:

I used to go to the masseur once a week. Now I have my "own masseur" at home and can have a massage at any time. I can only recommend this massage chair to everyone. -chardelotte via

Click here for the 8900 massage chair: Click here

Video of the luxury massage chair 8900

3. Model A (A150) - living room massage chair

If you currently have little or no experience with massage chairs, our A150 model is an excellent entry-level model that combines excellent massage functions in a discreet and modern piece of furniture.

The design of the armchair is designed in such a way that many eyes can pass it as a “normal” TV armchair. Only the discreet control panel in the armrest suggests that there is more technology inside the piece of furniture than you might think. A good opportunity to surprise your guests with an unexpected back massage.

The chair has all the indispensable functions of a top massage chair, including three automatic massage areas, integrated Bluetooth speakers and an additional storage pocket for the smartphone. The massage function includes three control modes with two intensity levels. The massage force is just as strong as with the large massage chairsIn contrast to the large models, our customers appreciate that the A150 armchair integrates perfectly into the living area or the living room.

The A150 is not only suitable as a massage chair, but also as a traditional living room or gaming chair thanks to the included seat cushion. In addition, the good piece arrives at your place fully assembled. Plug the power plug into the socket and relax immediately!

Reviews from the net:


“The chair works very well, even over a long period of time. If you use it for 15 to 20 minutes a day, it relieves my chronic back pain a lot! " - Maximilian B. via

A great product. Offers real relaxation and can do everything you would expect from such a professional device. Processing from synthetic leather is very good and looks chic. Tapping, kneading, air pressure and Shiatsu massage, ergonomic L-shaped design ... I use it regularly after training or after work. - Albert via Amazon

Click here for the A150 massage chair: Click here



All massage chairs in comparison


MODEL MGC-A350 MGC-A150 MGC-8600 MGC-8900 MGC-5866 MGC-6037 MGC-1900
weightlessness ja no  ja ja ja no no
heating function ja no ja ja ja no no
Number of air cushions 24 2 34 38 30 8 8
Calf massage ja no ja ja ja ja ja
Caster massage ja no ja ja ja no no
USB port ja no ja ja ja ja no
Assembly required ja no ja ja ja no ja
Size (cm) Standing position: 150 * 76 * 113 Lying position: 174 * 76 * 71 Standing position: 91.49 * 61.49 * 87.3 Standing position: 155 * 85 * 120 Lying position: 200 * 85 * 99 Standing position: 170 * 85 * 125 Lying position: 205 * 85 * 83 Standing position: 157 * 77 * 122 Lying position: 176 * 77 * 92 Standing position: 141 * 80 * 114 Standing position: 116 * 70 * 118 Lying position: 149 * 70 * 86
Energy consumption 120w 45w 260w 180w 180w 150w 96w
Weight (kg) 88 25 152 169 112 82 50


Where can you try massage chairs? 

You can test massage chairs from NAIPO at various locations in Germany. 

You can generally test all models directly at our location in Hamburg.

You can use selected models at the locations of our cooperation partners and, depending on the location, you will also receive advice. 

It is also possible to book a consultation appointment directly on our website free of charge. 

You can find more information here. 


Tips for using a massage chair

If you do little exercise, we recommend taking it slow. 

Massage chairs act on the body like a workout program. 

So it can happen that a day after using a massage chair, you could feel a tension similar to a sore muscle. 

As a general rule, don't overdo it - especially not at first

How often can you use massage chairs?

Massage chairs should not be used carelessly. 

For beginners, we always recommend shorter sessions at first. 

Practical: Most NAIPO massage chairs have an integrated automatic timer.

The optimal time for a session in the massage chair is included 15-20 minutes.

15-20 minutes may not sound long, but the first few uses on a professional massage chair should be approached in the same way as a new sport: slowly. 

Many of our customers sometimes report sore muscles, which arise after the first use in a massage chair. But this is not a cause for concern: All customers who have reported these initial sore muscles have also reported that they found their bodies to be significantly more relaxed after the initial sore muscles had subsided.  

After that, you can steadily increase the frequency of use. 

You will achieve optimal effects if you use your massage chair 3-4 a week. 

Are you looking for a massage chair but overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices?

Are you running out of nerves and trying to look through the multitude of features and functions available in order to finally find the right armchair?

In this article, we would like to explain the various purchase criteria for a massage chair to you step by step, so that your new home accessory is perfectly tailored to all your needs and also fits into your budget.

We struggle through the jungle of information and want to concentrate on the essentials so that you get a clear plan without unnecessary distractions. Finding the right model is child's play. Let's get straight to the point!

Massage chair - how long to use?

Most of these massage chairs offer preset lengths for the massage sessions. 

Start with the shortest and use the shortest program for a week. 

Within this week you should be able to better assess how you are feeling now. 

Increase the duration in small increments if you haven't exercised for a long time.

In this way, the body can optimally adapt to the massage.

massage chair

How to choose a good massage chair

There are two key questions that you need to ask yourself before you even get started. These are:

  1. How much do you have to spend?

  2. Why do you want to buy a massage chair?

The answers to both of these questions form the basis for your decision-making. If you can answer the questions, the question "how to find the right massage chair" is a lot easier. Answering both questions, however, may be more complicated than you think.

Now get to know important terms that you should know before buying a massage chair: Massage chair glossary terms

How much do you have to spend?

The question of the necessary budget is very simple. You know your expenses and you know how much money you have available. To roughly classify massage chairs, use the following as a general guide:

Inexpensive armchair

These are inexpensive and also fulfill basic functions. In some cases, massage chairs in this category are based on outdated (albeit sometimes well implemented) technology. In other cases, they only use a reduced backrest or offer fewer functions. Many customers complain online about the often lumpy designs.

With the  A150 massage chair for an average of € 550 Naipo has developed a modern massage chair that combines a relaxing massage with a subtle design that can even be used in the smallest of spaces.

The A150 does not appear "lumpy & shapeless", but impresses with its handsome, timeless silhouette.

The minimal size makes the armchair look inconspicuous - but the massage is always surprising in relation to the size.

massage chair cheap black

Middle class armchair

This broad price range includes the vast majority of massage chairs on the market today. You can find a variety of options here. From well-equipped all-round armchairs to real special massage armchairs that use more limited, exceptionally well implemented functions and are tailored to specific massage needs.

The middle class is particularly popular A350 massage chair in beige or black.


High quality armchair

In this huge category, you can pay up to 12.000 euros or more per model.

And of course, the more money you are willing to spend, the more features and better design you can expect.

Some of the armchairs in this group are true masterpieces. They can do almost anything and have feel-good functions that are pure pleasure for the happy owner.

However, we are convinced that some of the newer functions are often out of proportion to a price of, for example, € 15.000.

The experience of the Naipo development team has shown that some test persons who tested massage chair models often did not feel any difference to a € 8000 or € 15.000 model.


A pair of  the absolute luxury model is the MGC-8900which is available in three colors. This massage chair will give you an experience that you will never forget. The model covers all imaginable functions that a high-end massage chair should have.

[VIDEO] Now look like that MGC-8900 armchair a statue brought to life:

After many years of development, this masterpiece convinces with all the functions that a modern massage chair should have. The technical features include a tablet with which the armchair can be controlled.


 While chairs on the lower end of the price spectrum are more limited in terms of features, there are excellent models in every price range, so regardless of your budget, you can find something that you will be completely satisfied with.

Just browse through the large selection of different models for yourself: Info/Booking

Why do you want a massage chair?

The second question is a little trickier, but this is where the industry makes it a little easier for you.

There are two basic types of massage chairs: therapeutic and recreational massage chairs.

Therapeutic massage chairs

Therapeutic armchairs are designed to meet specific medical or chiropractic needs. The reality is that 8 out of 10 Germans will have severe back pain at some point in their life. The numbers are not too different in other parts of the world.

While back pain relief is the number one reason people consider purchasing a therapeutic massage chair, it can certainly be used to treat a number of other conditions as well. Including neck and shoulder pain, leg pain, high blood pressure and stress-related illnesses.

Depending on your specific needs, the "ideal" range of functions will also change.


Hobby / leisure massage chair

Relax chairs with a massage function are of a more general nature.

They often have some therapeutic functions, but tend to place just as much or even more emphasis on leisure functions such as MP3 support, programmable and storable massage settings, LED lights and the like.

Here some may simply want a TV armchair with a massage function.

Of course, there is considerable overlap here, and even if your primary needs are therapeutic, that doesn't mean you don't want to miss out on certain convenience features, but we'll get to that in the next section.

So - how much do you have to spend and what do you need the armchair for?

If you suffer from chronic back pain or sciatica, or if you have a job in which you work many hours at a time under stress, then all of these factors point to very specific characteristics.

On the other hand, if at the end of a long day at work all you want is an armchair in which you can lean back and enjoy a soothing massage, then your search will lead you to completely different products.

Massage Chair Functions: Features, features and more features

So when you have got the answers to the above basic questions about need and price, the next step is to find out which massage chair features are most important to you.

The characteristics can be roughly divided into three categories:

- Basic massage chair technology (core technology)

- Therapeutic features

- comfort features

The best thing to do here is to just list all of the features you are interested in and then rank them in order of priority before buying a massage chair.

Let's look at the individual categories one by one.

Main technology for massage chair

These are the essential elements that appear (or can appear) in almost every massage chair.

Think of these as the core framework that the rest of any design will be built around.

The core technologies include:

Massage rail (massage track)

Every conversation about a massage chair has to start here, and there are three different types of massage rails, also known as "massage tracks":

  • Fixed Frame - This is a simple rectangular frame found on cheaper chairs that have stationary massage heads mounted on them. Since the heads do not move, they may not provide a premium massage experience.

Basically, the heads just vibrate in place. If the tight spots in your back then accidentally hit the position of the heads, it can result in a decent, but not exceptional, massage. If not, the experience will be below average.

Each of these models will give you a soothing massage: Info/Booking

Note that in some cases a fixed frame is used in conjunction with movable castors. In these cases, however, the rollers are limited to moving only along the X and Y axes. The frame does not follow the curvature of your body's spine, which means that the massage is of slightly inferior quality.

  • S-rail - Is the current industry standard. Unlike the rigid frame products, this one is shaped to follow the curve of your spine. The rollers mounted on it run from the neck to the tailbone and offer a consistently excellent massage experience.


  • L-rail - Is the latest in massage chair technology. The L-rail, or Hybrid L / S-rail, combines the standard S-rail with an extension that bends under the seat so that the rollers can massage from the neck to the glutes and the back of the thighs.

Reel array

The roles are the executive force that is used to massage. The current industry standard is the use of quadruple castors, although some massage chairs use tri- or double castors as a cost-saving measure. There are also a few models currently available that use a six reel array. However, these are currently still rare.

A rule of thumb: more roles = better massage experience.

Remember when we mentioned above that some inexpensive armchairs use older technology?

This is one such case. Some chairs use stationary massage heads or connected pairs of massage balls instead of rollers.

These tend to get a second rate result. However, massage balls are the best choice among the inexpensive optionsas they do not significantly worsen the overall experience.

Role Alignment Technologies

There are four options here.

  • No roll alignment option - This technology is rare, but some budget chairs forego any type of castor alignment. You will receive your massage where the rollers are positioned in the armchair. If you are aligned with the pressure points on your body, you will get a good massage. If not, then you are out of luck unless you want to slide back and forth in the chair until you find a better position.
  • 3D body scanning - This is the most common method of adjusting the roller position and width of the massage field. Every time you use the chair before your massage begins, the on-board computer scans your pressure points and adjusts the position of the rollers accordingly.
    Unfortunately, the technology sometimes fails, and if the massage chair does not also offer an option for manual adjustment, you have to rely on the massage chair's 3D body scan.

NAIPO models offer both an automatic body scan and a manual setting option: Info/Booking


  • Manual setting - Some massage chairs dispense with a computer-controlled alignment of the rollers and the massage field. Here the user can make manual settings with the help of the remote control. It takes a little while to get the positions of the rollers just right, but this ensures that the rollers are always exactly where they are most effective.
  • Hybrid approach - These armchairs offer the best of both worlds: a body scan for convenience and manual adjustment knobs that allow fine adjustment in case the body scan technology does not work 100%. You will pay a little more money for an armchair like this, but most people find it a worthwhile investment.

Massage technique options

The role-based massage can be performed in a number of ways. Basically, the more you are willing to pay for your chair, the more massage techniques you have at your disposal.

The techniques fall into two categories: Basic and Advanced Techniques (Basic & Advanced).

Basic techniques are exactly what they sound like and include the basic forms of massage like, kneading, tapping, rolling, and the like.

Advanced massage techniques are usually named after the country that invented them: Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu - in the case of the massage technique that originated in Japan - and so on.

Most massage chairs offer some ability to adjust the massage via speed and intensity levels with remote control, but this is not always the case.

Some budget models only have a single setting, so it is worth doing a little research to find out how you can get more customization options for your money.

All NAIPO massage chairs can always be adjusted using a control panel. 

Air cushion massage mode

Most massage chairs offer two different types of massage: roller massage and airbag massage or air cushion massage. Since the massage airbag technology is now in the second generation of development, it is important to know whether the airbags of your dream armchair are from the first or second generation.

The general rule: The more airbags, the better the massage.

As with the role-based massage, most armchairs with air cushions offer you the option of individually adjusting the experience by means of a gradual intensity setting on the remote control. However, this cannot be taken for granted. There are a few low-cost models that only offer a single level of air massage intensity.

These armchairs offer an excellent number of airbags, which optimize the massage experience: Info/Booking

As you can see, there is already a lot more to the basic functions of the massage chair than you can see at first glance!

Methods of operating a massage chair

There are four main methods of operating a massage chair.

  • Many models have a remote control to facilitate operation during the massage.
  • Furthermore, various massage chairs, in addition to being controlled by a remote control, can also be controlled with integrated keys and buttons.
  • Very modern massage chairs from various brands such as OSIM and Fujiiryoki have an app control with which you can access the functions of the chair via smartphone.
  • In addition, there are models that completely dispense with conventional remote controls and offer control using a tablet.


Therapeutic functions

Simply put, these features are included in massage chairs to help you feel better, and to help alleviate and eliminate certain symptoms.

There is no such thing as a "perfect" massage chair, and no armchair currently available on the market that combines all the therapeutic functions of this category as well as all the features from the "Leisure" section. This makes it all the more important to think about what you really want when it comes to therapeutic functions.

Deep tissue massage

While an ordinary roll-based massage feels great and even has some therapeutic value, deep tissue massage is even better.

You will find this in the model descriptions of the massage chairs in two ways. Sometimes the manufacturers only speak of "deep tissue massage". Elsewhere, however, they list this feature as "3D" or "4D" technology.

The term "4D technology" needs some explanation. The reason it was introduced was simply because it was In the case of an S or hybrid L / S rail chair, the castors can already be moved three-dimensionallybecause the splint is curved to conform to the curvature of the spine and allow some amount of movement along the Z axis.

Relax in zero gravity

This small but important feature that enhances the massage experience should not be underestimated. By placing you in a position where your knees are slightly above your heart, the armchair gives you a feeling of weightlessness. In addition, this position enables your body to nestle more firmly against the back of the chair thanks to your body weight, which in turn allows the rollers to give a deeper massage.

About a third of the massage chairs available on the market today offer a Zero-G function. These models have 1-3 different seating positions.

Massage chair with heat function - therapeutic heat

As good as the massage is, Heat + massage is even better. About half of the armchairs available on the market today offer some form of warming function. The overwhelming majority of these models often only offer warmth in the lumbar area.

Some selected massage chairs offer several heating options. Some offer these in the openings for the leg massage (if the chair has them), others can generate more back warmth. One even has an electric blanket and back warming to give you the full full body warming program.

A rule of thumb: The more heat that can be generated, the more expensive the armchair. While it is uncommon, you can sometimes find models that allow precise temperature control. This is of course a nice side effect if the function is missing, but it rarely prevents you from buying it.

Body stretch

The possibility of body stretching (e.g. Thai stretching) is undoubtedly one of the most influential therapeutic functions that modern massage chairs can have. Stretching the body provides instant pain relief by relieving pressure on the upset discs in the spine.

Note that there are two other functions that offer the same benefit but are less violent: waist rotation and hip swing. There are a few massage chairs that offer these functions along with the body stretching function. At first glance, this seems superfluous. But if you think about it, that's actually a very good thing from the user's point of view.

Think about chronic pain. The severity of pain can vary greatly from one day to the next. On the days when the pain is particularly severe, the body stretch may be too hard to use. In this case, it is good to have a less intense option available.

For this very reason, body stretching, hip rotation and hip swing are sometimes combined in therapeutic models.

Point and zone massage modes

Another fantastic therapeutic feature. With this feature you can do anything straight Pause the ongoing massage program and let the rolls knead exactly where you need them. You can then take as much time as necessary to work the knots and tension out of your back before continuing with the massage program you have chosen.

Calf and foot massage

Approximately two thirds of the armchairs available on the market today are equipped with leg massage recesses. Most often, the calf massage is carried out by airbags and the foot massage by two rollers. Some cheap massage chairs use a simple vibration-style massage of the soles of the feet.

More expensive armchairs offer more advanced massage functions, such as triple or quadruple rollers for the soles of the feet, different types of massage (how about a Shiatsu foot massage? Of course, possible with a Shiatsu massage chair!), Heated massage openings and more.

Comfort functions

Although these features do not directly improve the massage experience, certain users place particular emphasis on them. The most common comfort features available are:

Space-saving design

This is an important point and extremely important for people where space is limited. Most massage chairs require a space of around 45-60 cm between the back of the chair and the wall against which it is placed. Given the fact that the armchairs are quite large anyway, they could well fill a room.

Armchairs that are built in a space-saving design only need about 10 cm from the wall, which makes them a fabulous piece of furniture for almost any room.

Extendable Ottoman

Most massage chairs are designed for people between 150 cm and 185 cm tall. Around half of the armchairs available on the market today are equipped with an ottoman and extension module, making them suitable for users who are up to 195 cm tall.

Hideaway ottoman

Aesthetics are very important to some people, and if there is one thing that makes a massage chair look like a tree stump in space, it is the protruding leg massage openings.

The hidable ottoman offers an ingenious solution to this problem. When not using it for a massage, the leg massage brackets can be folded into the armchair itself, making it look like normal living room furniture.

You pay a small extra charge for this feature, but if aesthetics are important to you, the investment is worth it.

MP3 support

This is one of the most popular convenience features on the market today because who doesn't enjoy listening to their favorite music while enjoying a relaxing massage?

There are three possible implementations for this feature in chairs that they offer:

  • SD card slot: Certainly the most inconvenient solution from the user's point of view.
  • One USB portwith which you can load your music onto a USB stick and connect it to the chair. This is the "standard" implementation.
  • Bluetooth compatibility, allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet to the speakers in the massage chair.

Air ionizer

Air ionization is only offered in around 10% of the armchairs available on the market today. It's a small feature that some users find extra relaxing. By gently drawing ionized air over the user's face while the massage is being performed, relaxation is promoted.



Buying a massage chair: making the right choice

Now that you have a feel for what a massage chair can do, the real fun begins.

Once you know what your budget is and why you want a massage chair, it's time to start thinking about which features are most important to you. Are therapeutic functions more important to you, or are comfort and leisure in the foreground? You should now make a list of the features you want. A good rule of thumb is:

  • Choose five functions (including basic functions) for an affordable chair
  • Nine for a mid-range chair
  • As many as you like for a high-end armchair

Then base your search for a massage chair on the features that are your priority. You may not find an exact result, but with the large number of armchairs available on the market today, you will be very close to your dream piece!

Test your dream armchair in Hamburg

As a leading supplier in the field of massage devices, you can test NAIPO massage chairs, for example, in our official showroom in Hamburg.

The address is: Am Grasbrookpark 1, 20457 Hamburg

In addition to massage chairs, you can also expect various massage devices for shoulders, legs, arms, back and feet - NAIPO's products cover the entire body.


Test massage chairs outside of Hamburg

Hamburg is too far away for you?

Do not worry!

We are regularly expanding our locations.

For example, you can test our armchairs at selected locations with the right ambience for free. These include shopping malls, cinemas and restaurants. 

In this way, you can combine the pleasant with the useful and test massage chairs in a pleasant environment.

Extra: Book a free, personal consultation

Individual customer advice is very important to us. 

In addition, modern problems require modern solutions. So also the so-called Corona time. 

For this reason we have built a booking system on our website. 

We would like to note that booking is optional and that you can still appear in official NAIPO showrooms during regular opening hours. 

Nevertheless, we currently advise - for the benefit of all customers - to make a booking beforehand.

The entire booking process is of course a 100% free service and can be reached via this link:

We look forward to seeing you!


Is there a massage chair test by Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, there is currently no official test by Stiftung Warentest for massage chairs. 

But we have possible reasons:

The government no longer wants to support the foundation financially.

The federal government is considering giving the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZBV) a larger share of its budget than Stiftung Warentest.

Accordingly, the foundation will receive 970.000 euros this year and a further 2023 euros in 490.000.

According to a report by "Welt", the federal government is considering giving a larger share of its budget to the Federation of Consumer Organizations (VZBV) than to Stiftung Warentest.

For this reason, it remains to be seen whether there will be a test by the foundation for massage chairs in the near future. 

We would very much welcome it!

History of the massage chair - That's how it all started

There is evidence that massage has been practiced around the world since ancient times in various countries such as Greece, China and Rome.

Even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs indicate the use of massage.

Massage chair: this is how it all started

In the 1950s, the first mechanically operated massage chair was introduced.

They started out as very simple devices but have evolved into the complex machines they are today.

The very first massage chair was developed by a Japanese man named Nobuo Fujimoto in the city of Osaka in 1954.

Working at a public bath, Nobuo was always thinking of new ways to help his clients relax and unwind.

Baseballs, planks of wood, and bits of bicycle chain were some of the discarded items he used to build his first prototype.

Slowly but surely, the armchair caught on in holiday resorts and public baths, but the massage chairs were not yet offered to private customers.

How much electricity does a massage chair use?

Which massage chairs are recommended for commercial use? 

Theoretically, you can also use the same massage chairs for commercial use that are intended for private customers. 

This makes particular sense if, for example, you run a fitness studio and there is an exclusive area to which only premium members have access. 

Otherwise, we can recommend modern, coin-operated massage chairs. 

Buy a massage chair on account

Purchase on account is possible with Klarna at

Buy a massage chair on installments

The installment purchase of massage chairs is possible with Klarna or EasyCredit. 

You choose the payment method in the ordering process and carry out the order as specified.

Buy a massage chair in Switzerland - you can do it here

If you are not from Austria or Germany, but still want to buy a massage chair from the test, we can reassure you: 

You can easily buy massage chairs from ASPRIA and the PASITHEA SERIES massage chairs on 

There are shipping costs, but we haven't had any problems with customs. 

The current delivery time for massage chairs in Switzerland is 30 days.

Conclusion: how to choose a massage chair?

As you can see, the question of how to choose a good massage chair is a lot more complex than it first appears. 

However, with this method, finding the perfect massage chair for you and your family is easy.

You'll have a clear sense of what you want and how many features you can reasonably expect in each price point, bearing in mind of course that there will be differences from model to model.

Do you need more help?

You are welcome to contact our trained specialist staff via email and receive free advice:

By phone: 



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