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Buying a massage chair in Switzerland - you need to know that

If you are awarded with awards Massage chairs in Switzerland If you want to buy something, then this is no problem at 

Don't let the TLD (.de) fool you.

Just because it refers to Germany instead of .ch does not mean that only Germans can buy there. 

What are the shipping costs for massage chairs in Switzerland? 

The shipping costs for shipping massage chairs to Switzerland are:

180€ (incl. VAT,3-4 weeks delivery time) fFor models : A150, 1900, A350

280€ (incl. VAT) 3-4 weeks delivery time) for the models: 5866, 8600, 8900

There is a standard delivery free curbside for all models (no assembly, delivery to the curbside, i.e. no delivery to the place of use)

How long does it take to ship massage chairs to Switzerland?

The delivery time for massage chairs to Switzerland is currently 30 days. 

We are working to reduce this shipping time.

Can I order all massage chair models in Switzerland? 


You can order all massage chairs from to Switzerland. 

In addition to massage chairs, can I also order massage devices in Switzerland? 

No, but instead you can purchase massage devices from NAIPO partners on national websites.

I can try massage chairs in Switzerland? 

Unfortunately, NAIPO does not yet offer any opportunities to try it out in Switzerland. 

In Germany you can test the massage chairs at 10+ locations.

As a Swiss citizen, who can I contact if my massage chair needs to be repaired? 

In addition to massage chairs, can I also buy massage devices from NAIPO in Switzerland? 

On you cannot buy massage devices such as massage guns or neck massage devices directly. 

Instead, we recommend as a sales partner if you want to purchase a massage device.

And finally ...

Buying a massage chair in Switzerland is not difficult at all once you have found a good dealer. has been successfully selling to customers in Switzerland for several years and is there for you should anything happen.

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