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A broken massage chair is often a challenge, but not a cause for concern. In many cases there can be problems with the massage chair be remedied yourself. With the right equipment and parts, you can repair the chair and save the cost of expensive repairs.

If you cannot manage the repair yourself, you will also find a contact option at the end of this article.

Step-by-step instructions: Repair a massage chair yourself

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instruction manual and check which parts may be defective.

Step 2: Check if the drive belts are in good condition and if so, discard them immediately.

Step 3: Carefully remove any cover plates as heating plates or connectors may be hidden underneath.

Step 4: Check all screws and bolts for their condition and, if necessary, carefully drill out a seized screw.

Step 5: Switch off all connectors and electronic components and read the resistance of all components to identify possible sources of error (smartphones often help here).

Step 6: Test the function of each movement axis separately to find out where there is potential.

Step 7: If necessary, get special spare parts directly from the manufacturer of the massage chair - especially if they are only available there.

When repairing a massage chair, one should always remember that safety comes first. Therefore, one should first make sure that all electrical connections are properly disconnected before beginning the intervention.

First of all, it is advisable to read the manufacturer's operating instructions carefully to find out what the defective parts are. Once this has happened, check whether the drive belts are in order - if there is an irregularity, it is advisable to replace them immediately.

For further steps, any cover plates must be removed - however, care should be taken here because, depending on the massage chair, various devices may be hidden (such as heating plates or connectors). Then you check all the screws and bolts for their condition to prevent nasty surprises - if this results in a possibly seized screw, it must be carefully drilled out if necessary.

Once you have thoroughly examined the outer parts, it's on to the inner components - repairs are usually quite simple: All connectors and electronic components are switched off and the resistance of all components is read to identify possible sources of error.

To analyze the mechanical part, it is advisable to test the function of each movement axis separately and to determine which areas have potential.

Some massage chair models require special replacement parts, which can often only be obtained directly from the manufacturer - others require simple tools such as screwdrivers. Depending on which model you have, you have to prioritize accordingly - if in doubt, it is always advisable to contact the customer service of the respective model directly!

The following points must therefore be observed: Above all, observe safety regulations; close look at loops & belt loops; remove cover plates; test programs ; obtain any necessary spare parts; Read the instructions carefully and, of course, be patient and precise when working!


Contact details: Inquire about the repair of massage chairs

In any case, contact the support of your massage chair provider. 

It is always best to find out in advance whether such a service is offered at all. 

Unfortunately, many massage chair providers do not offer any service at all and this is not always clearly recognizable in advance.

NAIPO and ASPRIA massage chair users have it easy as they can simply contact the following email:

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