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Buy a massage chair on prescription? You should know that

This article clarifies whether and how you can get a massage chair on prescription and what are the best alternatives to the prescription for massage chairs or being covered by health insurance.

In Germany you can Massage sessionl not available with a prescription, which should come as a surprise to many people.

This is due to different reasons. First of all, it is important to understand that medical devices in Germany can only be prescribed if they are medically necessary and since massage chairs are considered more than a luxury product, they cannot be prescribed.

In addition, it must be emphasized that massage chairs are still considered purely comfort products and therefore cannot be used for the treatment of diseases or for therapeutic purposes.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't benefit from massage chairs!

There is a lot of research showing that regular massage can reduce stress, help solve sleep problems, and improve flexibility and muscle tone. For this reason, massage chairs are also attractive for people who suffer from back pain or who simply want to relax their muscles.

So if you are considering buying a massage chair - rest assured: the investment is worth it! But remember, for the reasons stated, there is unfortunately no way to get it on prescription – but there are so many alternatives!


Alternatives to the massage chair recipe

A suitable alternative is to purchase refurbished exhibits from trusted suppliers in Germany. 

You should also test such models in advance and then decide whether or not to buy them.

Another alternative is to buy in installments. 

Installment purchases can be used for refurbished or brand new models.

How does health insurance coverage work in general?


In Germany, the statutory health insurance companies usually pay for all medical services such as medical treatment, medicines and remedies that are recognized by the health insurance company. In order to receive this reimbursement from the health insurance company, the patient must present an authorization from the doctor and state his insurance number and the correct list of his insurance company. In addition, the patient must confirm that he paid the amount for the treatment from his own funds. If all requirements are met, the costs can be partially or fully covered by the fund. In some cases, evidence of a special need or medical condition may be required in order for a refund to be processed.

When do you get products in Germany on prescription?


In Germany, many products can be obtained on prescription, but not all. There are several factors to consider when answering the question “When can products be obtained on prescription in Germany?” First of all, the products must be therapeutically necessary and contribute to the treatment of a specific disease or need.

Another factor is the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), which decides on the prescription of drugs and medical devices. Not all medical devices or drugs meet the requirements of the G-BA, so they cannot be prescribed on prescription. An example of this is massage chairs - although they can offer therapeutic benefits to people, they are considered purely a comfort product, so they cannot be prescribed on prescription.

In addition, the G-BA also defines legally defined requirements for products that can be prescribed on prescription. This includes, among other things, that the product quality is guaranteed and that product safety is guaranteed. If these conditions are met, the product can finally be prescribed.

Conclusion: In Germany, many products can be obtained on prescription, but not all - there are certain requirements and criteria that must be met by the manufacturing company and the Federal Joint Committee, as well as specific requirements for drugs or medical devices.

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