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In this blog, we present our five outstanding massage chair models, ranging from inexpensive and space-saving to high-end and luxurious. Whether for the office, home or special relaxation areas, our massage chairs offer you the perfect mix of comfort, functionality and the latest technology.

Massage chairs are not only a luxurious addition to your living or working area, but can also contribute significantly to relaxation and health promotion. In this blog we present you a selection of our best massage chairs, which are designed for different needs and budgets. Get inspired and find the perfect chair for your needs.

MGCHR-A150: Inexpensive and space-saving

The perfect entry-level massage chair

The MGCHR-A150 is our most affordable massage chair, ideal for workplaces where removing shoes is not possible. With its compact design, it fits perfectly in small spaces and can also be used as an additional seat.


  • Gentle back and hip massage: Relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation.
  • Attractive design: Fits seamlessly into any work or living environment.
  • Space saving: Perfect for small rooms and offices.

MGC-1900B: The extended model

More functions for more comfort

The MGC-1900B builds on the functions of the MGCHR-A150 and offers additional features that make your massage experience even more enjoyable.

Additional functions

  • Leg massage: For comprehensive relaxation of the lower extremities.
  • More air cushions: Provides a more targeted massage.
  • Reclining function: Allows for even better relaxation.

MGC-A350BR: The bestseller

The all-rounder among massage chairs

Our best-selling model, the MGC-A350BR, offers all the essential features of a high-quality massage chair.

important functions

  • Zero gravity position: Reduces pressure on the spine and promotes blood circulation.
  • Foot massage: Provides soothing relaxation for the feet.
  • Heating function: Relieves tension and promotes muscle relaxation.
  • Automatic programs: Different programs for an individual massage experience.

MGC-5866: Technologically advanced

Modern design meets advanced technology

The MGC-5866 offers improved massage techniques and particularly appeals to younger people who value modern technology and aesthetic design.

Advanced features

  • Improved foot massage rollers: For more intensive foot care.
  • More air cushions: For a more comprehensive massage experience.
  • Modern design: Fits perfectly into modern living environments.

MGC-8600: The high-end armchair

Comprehensive relaxation at the highest level

Featuring cutting-edge technology and a futuristic design, the MGC-8600 offers a complete relaxation experience that is second to none.

High-end features

  • Kneading massage for the calves: Provides deep relaxation.
  • Various massage intensities: Adapt to your individual needs.
  • Additional automatic programs: Offer a variety of massage options.

MGC-8900:The top model

Luxury and technology in perfection

Our most exclusive model, the MGC-8900, offers the most advanced massage technology and a luxurious design.

Top features

  • 3D flex rails: Adapt gently to your body and offer an individual massage.
  • Dual motor technology: Enables more precise and intense massages.
  • Aromatherapy function: Creates a relaxing atmosphere through fragrant essences.

High quality massage chairs at affordable prices

Do you want to enjoy the luxury and relaxation of a high-end massage chair, but your budget doesn't allow you to buy a new one? No problem! At Naipo, we also offer high-quality, tested and serviced used massage chairs. These models offer the same top-notch features and comfort as new chairs, but at a significantly reduced price. This means you can treat yourself to the relaxation and well-being you deserve without breaking your budget. Discover our range of used massage chairs and find the perfect model for your needs.

Naipo MGC-8600WK-BX: High-quality second-hand massage chairs

Do you want to experience the luxury of a high-end massage chair but don't want to pay full price? The MGC-8600WK-BX from Naipo is the perfect solution for you. These models are 90% new and have been returned by customers within 30 days because they did not meet their expectations. They come in their original packaging and are visually and functionally as good as new.

Difference between 90% and 60% new models

90% new models

  • Return within 30 days: These chairs were returned by customers who were not completely satisfied with their purchase.
  • Original packaging: The packaging is completely intact, giving the impression of a new product.
  • Visually as good as new: These models look like new and work perfectly.

60% new models

  • No original packaging: These models are delivered without their original packaging.
  • Superficial scratches: They may show slight signs of wear or scratches, but these do not affect their functionality.
  • Same functionality: Despite external defects, they offer the same high-quality massage experience as the 90% new models.

Why Naipo is the best choice

First-class quality and technology

Naipo uses cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to ensure that each massage chair offers top-notch performance. Our products are designed to deliver an effective and enjoyable massage that promotes both physical and mental relaxation.

Wide selection for every budget

Whether you're looking for a budget model or a luxurious high-end massage chair, at Naipo you'll find a wide range of products to suit every need and budget. Our affordable and used models also offer a great way to enjoy high-end features without spending a fortune.

Customer satisfaction and service

At Naipo, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our chairs come with a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer service. Should you have any questions or issues, our support team is always available to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Reliability and trust

Naipo has built a reputation as a trusted massage chair provider through years of experience and positive customer reviews. Our customers appreciate the reliability and durability of our products, making Naipo the first choice for massage chairs.


Whether you are looking for a simple, space-saving massage chair for your office or a luxurious model for your home, you are guaranteed to find the right model with us. Our massage chairs offer a perfect blend of comfort, functionality and the latest technology to give you the best possible relaxation.

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1. Which massage chair is best for small spaces?

The MGCHR-A150 is ideal for small rooms and offices due to its compact size and affordable design.

2. What additional features does the MGC-1900B offer compared to the MGCHR-A150?

The MGC-1900B offers additional features such as a leg massage, more air cushions and a reclining function.

3. What makes the MGC-A350BR a bestseller?

The MGC-A350BR offers all the essential functions of a high-quality massage chair, including zero-gravity position, foot massage, heating function and various automatic programs.

4. What advantages does the MGC-5866 offer for younger users?

The MGC-5866 features a modern design and advanced technology that particularly appeals to younger people.

5. What are the outstanding features of the MGC-8900?

The MGC-8900 offers the most advanced massage technology with 3D flex rails, dual motor technology and an aromatherapy function for a luxurious and personalized massage experience.

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