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What do I have to take off for a massage?

You have finally booked an appointment for a massage and are looking forward to a relaxing break from everyday life. But one question remains: What should you take off during the massage? Don't worry, this uncertainty is completely normal, especially if it's your first visit. In this article we clarify all the important questions about clothing for a massage. Stay tuned and find out how to best prepare for your massage!

Short version/TLDR

When getting a massage, it's best to take off as much as you feel comfortable. Most of the time, this means keeping your underwear on unless the massage requires more freedom. Always communicate with your massage therapist to provide clarity and have the best possible experience.

What should I take off for a massage? A general guideline

There is no universal rule about what you should take off for a massage, as it depends on various factors. Here are some general guidelines:

The classic massage: what is usual?

During a classic massage, such as a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage, you will be asked to strip down to your underwear. Your body will be covered with a towel or sheet throughout the session, and only the area being massaged will be exposed. This ensures that you feel comfortable and protected at all times.

Special massages: differences and special features

Depending on the type of massage, there may be different clothing requirements:

Thai massage: Here you will usually wear comfortable clothing as there will be a lot of stretching and stretching exercises.

Hot stone massage: Most of the time you keep your underwear on while the hot stones are placed on your body.

Aromatherapy massage: Here too, underwear is often left on as the oils are distributed over the entire body.

What to do if you are unsure?

If you're not sure what to wear, just ask! The masseurs are trained to answer any questions you may have and make sure you feel comfortable. Communication is the key to a relaxed and enjoyable massage experience.

Body areas and coverage: What is exposed?

During the massage, your body will be strategically covered. Only the area being massaged will be uncovered. This means that your privacy will be protected at all times. If you still have concerns, please speak up.

Massage tables and their advantages

A good massage table is designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Most massage tables have special cutouts for your face and provide enough space for you to move around without restrictions. The towels and sheets used are also designed to ensure your comfort and privacy.

Why taking off clothes properly is important

The right amount of clothing during the massage is crucial for the effectiveness of the treatment. Too much clothing can hinder the masseur in his work and reduce the effectiveness of the massage. On the other hand, you should not feel forced to take off more than you are comfortable with. Find the right balance for you!

Tips for your first massage

If this is your first massage, here are some tips to help you prepare:

Arrive on time, so you have enough time to change and relax.

Speak openly about your needs and any discomfort or pain points.

Relax and enjoy the experience. A massage should not be a stressful affair.

How do I prepare for my first massage?

Preparing for your first massage can be an exciting but also somewhat nerve-wracking experience. Good preparation goes a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your massage. Here are some steps and tips to help you prepare as best as possible:

Understanding the type of massage

The first step in preparation is to find out about the type of massage you have booked. There are various massage techniques such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage and many more. Each technology has its own characteristics and requirements. Read the massage description or ask your massage therapist for more details so you know what to expect.

Body care before the massage

Good personal hygiene is essential. Shower before your massage to feel fresh and provide a comfortable working environment for your massage therapist. Avoid using heavily perfumed products as these can mask the essential oils often used in massages. Make sure your skin is clean and free of lotions or creams.

Clothing and personal items

Wear comfortable, easily removable clothing. You will be asked to strip down to your underwear, so choose underwear that you feel comfortable in. Remember to remove any jewelry and accessories beforehand to avoid any potential disruption during the massage. Some people also find it helpful to bring a hairbrush in case the massage messes up their hairstyle.

Arrival and check-in

Make sure you allow enough time to arrive on time. It is advisable to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment. This will give you the opportunity to relax, get to know the premises and fill out any forms. Many massage establishments will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire to ensure the massage is tailored to your needs and any health concerns you may have.

Communication with your masseur

Open communication is the key to a successful massage. Let your massage therapist know if you have specific problem areas or if there are areas you would rather not have massaged. If you are unsure about what to take off during the massage, feel free to ask. Your massage therapist will explain to you exactly what to expect and how you can best prepare.

Relaxation and breathing

A massage is a time of relaxation and recovery. Try to prepare yourself mentally by meditating for a few minutes or doing breathing exercises before the appointment. Deep, even breaths will help you relax and reduce stress during the massage.

After the massage

After the massage, take your time to slowly stand up and allow your body to get used to the upright position again. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins released by the massage. Avoid strenuous activities and allow yourself to rest to enjoy the full effects of the massage.

Proper preparation for your first massage can make the difference between an average and exceptional experience. By following these steps, you will be able to get the most out of your massage and feel completely comfortable.

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What clothing is best for a massage?

The question of what clothing is best for a massage concerns many people who book a massage. The right choice of clothing can affect not only your comfort level, but also the effectiveness of the massage. Here you can find out which items of clothing are ideal and why.

Comfortable clothing to start with

It is important to wear comfortable clothing on the way to the massage. Soft, loose fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal. Avoid tight jeans or synthetic materials that could irritate your skin. Remember that you will need to change before the massage, so choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

What you wear during the massage

Depending on the type of massage, clothing requirements may vary. Here are some common scenarios:

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage: Here you will usually be asked to undress down to your underwear. You will be covered with a towel or sheet, and only the areas to be massaged will be exposed.

Thai massage: During this massage you will typically wear loose, comfortable clothing as there will be a lot of stretching and movement involved. It is advisable to wear a light T-shirt and comfortable trousers or shorts.

Hot stone massage: During this massage, you usually keep your underwear on. The stones are placed on your body while you are covered with towels.

Shiatsu or acupressure: These techniques are often performed over clothing. Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing is crucial here.

Materials and comfort

The material of your clothing plays a big role in your comfort. Breathable fabrics like cotton prevent you from overheating or feeling uncomfortable during the massage. Avoid synthetic materials that can irritate the skin or feel uncomfortable on the skin.

Jewelry and accessories

It is advisable to remove all jewelry and accessories before going for the massage. Necklaces, bracelets and rings can not only be annoying, but also interfere with the massage therapist's work. Hair clips and bands should also be removed to allow for complete relaxation.

Clothing after the massage

After the massage, it is important to wear comfortable clothing that will help you continue to feel relaxed. Your body may still be sensitive after the massage, so soft, loose clothing is the best choice. A warm, comfortable outfit will help you enjoy the beneficial effects of the massage for longer.

Additional tips for your comfort

Make sure your clothes are clean and fresh to feel comfortable. Remember to also bring a spare outfit in case you feel the need to change after the massage. A small bag with basic grooming items like a brush or comb can also be helpful to freshen up after the massage.

Choosing the right clothing for a massage is easier than you think. With these tips you will be well prepared to enjoy your massage to the fullest. Whether you choose a classic massage or a specialized technique, your comfort always comes first.

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A massage is about relaxing and feeling good. Take off as much as you feel comfortable and don't be afraid to ask questions. Your well-being comes first, and good communication with your massage therapist is the key to a successful and enjoyable massage.


Do I have to take off my underwear during every massage?

No, you can keep your underwear on for most massages. However, it depends on the type of massage and your personal preferences.

What should I do if I feel uncomfortable taking something off?

Be open with your massage therapist. They are trained to respect your concerns and make sure you are comfortable.

Are massage tables hygienic?

Yes, reputable massage establishments pay close attention to hygiene. The sheets and towels are changed after each session.

Can I stay fully clothed?

Yes, it is common practice to wear comfortable clothing, especially for massages such as Thai massage or Shiatsu.

How much time should I plan before the massage?

Arrive about 10-15 minutes before your appointment to have time to change and relax so you can fully enjoy the massage.