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Massage chair with heat function - you have to take this into account

Massage chairs are no longer just a luxury item, but have become an integral part of many households. Massage chairs with heating functions in particular offer a variety of health benefits, ranging from relaxing muscles to relieving pain. But before you decide to buy such an armchair, there are a few important aspects to consider. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about massage chairs with heating functions so that you can make the best decision.

Massage chairs with heat function not only offer relaxation, but also health benefits such as pain relief and muscle relaxation. When purchasing, you should pay attention to functions, space requirements, material quality and safety features. Regular care and correct use are also important to ensure the longevity of the chair.

What are the advantages of a massage chair with heat function?

Muscle relaxation and pain relief

The combination of massage and heat can work wonders when it comes to loosening tight muscles and relieving pain. The heat helps improve blood circulation and prepare the muscles for the massage, making it more effective.

Improvement of blood circulation

Heat combined with massage can significantly improve blood circulation. This is particularly beneficial for people who suffer from circulatory problems. Improved blood flow can also help more nutrients and oxygen reach the muscles and tissues.

Stress reduction and mental relaxation

A massage chair with a heating function can also significantly help reduce stress and promote mental relaxation. The soothing warmth and rhythmic massage movements can help calm the mind and reduce stress hormones.

What should you pay attention to when buying a massage chair with a heating function?

Functions and setting options

There are a variety of features that a massage chair with a heating function can offer. Some models, such as those from NAIPO MGC-8900, offer special programs for different areas of the body and types of massage such as Shiatsu or kneading. It is important that the chair is customizable to meet personal needs.

Space requirements and design

A massage chair can take up quite a lot of space, so you should make sure you have enough room before buying. The design also plays a role, especially if the chair is to be integrated into an existing living concept. Modern massage chairs are often available in different colors and styles, so there is something for every taste.

  • Material quality and processing

The quality of the materials used and the workmanship are crucial factors for the longevity and comfort of the massage chair. High-quality leather or fabric covers as well as robust mechanics ensure that you can enjoy your chair for a long time.

  • security features

A massage chair should have various safety features, such as an automatic switch-off or overheating protection. These functions are particularly important to avoid accidents or damage to the device.

Recommended Naipo models with heat function

MGC-1900: This is a massage chair that can be completely laid flat, allowing for an extremely comfortable massage. It costs 1299 euros and has a basic heating function, with the heating areas mainly in the back area. This model is great for people who need complete body relaxation and is also ideal for use in work environments as it offers great comfort at an affordable price.

MGC-A350: Bestseller model Our MGC-A350BR is the best-selling model and offers all the basic functions of a high-quality massage chair: zero gravity position, foot massage and various automatic programs. In heating mode, the heating area is mainly in the back. Despite the comprehensive features, the price is very affordable compared to other high-end massage chairs. You can choose the appropriate automatic program depending on your recovery needs. This massage chair is ideal for users looking for great value for money and comprehensive features.

MGC-5866: Technologically advanced The MGC-5866 is based on the MGC-A350BR and has been technically developed further. The foot massage rollers have been expanded to three rows and the number of air cushions has been increased to ensure better foot care. The heating areas are mainly in the lumbar and back areas. Its stylish and elegant design is particularly popular with young people. If your home style is modern or minimalist, this massage chair is a perfect fit for you. It not only offers advanced massage techniques but also an attractive design.

MGC-8600: High-end model Our MGC-8600 is a high-end model that uses the most advanced technology. In addition to the standard functions, it offers a kneading massage for the calves and other adjustable massage intensities as well as additional automatic programs. The air cushions cover almost all areas of the body. In addition to lumbar and back heating, this massage chair also has a heating function for the calves. Its futuristic design makes it an ideal choice for those who like science fiction-inspired products. This massage chair with its space capsule design is the perfect choice for you.

MGC-8900: flagship model Last but not least, we present you the MGC-8900, our most expensive model but offering the most advanced massage technology and the most comprehensive features. It has the same heating features as the MGC-8600, but has revolutionary improvements in other areas. The MGC-8900 uses 3D flex rail massage technology that gently conforms to the body and provides an excellent massage. The dual motor technology allows you to massage two areas of the body at the same time, providing an experience close to a real masseur. It also has an aromatherapy function for an even more complete relaxation experience. This model is ideal for luxury companies. The massage chair has a very luxurious look and, in addition to the massage functions, it also offers wireless charging. The user experience is the best in the entire Naipo massage chair range.

Care and maintenance of a massage chair with heat function

Regular cleaning

To extend the life of the massage chair, regular cleaning is essential. Leather chairs, for example, should be treated with special care products to keep the material supple. Fabric covers can usually be removed and washed.

Maintenance of mechanics

The mechanical parts of the chair should also be maintained regularly. This includes lubricating moving parts and checking screws and connections. A well-maintained chair will not only work better, but will also last longer.

Proper usage

It is important to use the massage chair according to the manufacturer's instructions. Overuse or incorrect handling can cause damage. You should also be careful not to use the chair in damp rooms to protect electronic components.


A massage chair with a heat function can be an excellent investment in your own health and well-being. The numerous advantages, from muscle relaxation to stress reduction, make it a valuable companion in everyday life. When buying, however, you should pay attention to various aspects in order to find the right model and enjoy it for a long time. With the right care and maintenance, the chair will become a long-lasting place to relax in your own four walls.

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How often should you use a massage chair with heat function?

It is recommended not to use the massage chair for longer than 15-30 minutes per session and a maximum of three to four times per week. Too frequent use can cause overuse of the muscles, which could be counterproductive and even cause muscle strain or injury. In addition, you should follow the manufacturer's individual instructions, as different models may have different usage recommendations. Remember to listen to your body and if you experience any symptoms, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor if necessary.

Is a massage chair  with heat function suitable for everyone?

In principle, a massage chair with a heat function can be used by most people and offers numerous benefits for relaxation and well-being. However, there are certain groups of people who should exercise caution. People with cardiovascular diseases, pregnant women, people with skin problems or sensitivity to heat, as well as people with serious back problems or herniated discs should consult their doctor before using a massage chair with a heat function. The use of such a chair could also be problematic for people with implanted electronic devices, such as pacemakers. It is important to take individual health conditions into account and to ensure that using the chair does not have any negative effects on health.

Can you use a massage chair without the heat function?

Yes, most of Naipo's massage chairs offer the option to control the heat function separately. This allows users to enjoy the massage without additional heat and to use the chair flexibly according to their own needs and preferences. This control option allows users to adjust the massage intensity and type independently of the heat function, which is particularly beneficial if you prefer a cooler massage on warm days or want to massage specific areas without additional heat. This flexibility adds significantly to the comfort and versatility of a massage chair, making it an ideal device for different purposes and personal preferences.

How much does a good massage chair with a heat function cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on the features and manufacturer. Simple models are available from around 700 euros, while high-quality armchairs can cost several thousand euros. The price differences result from the variety of functions, the quality of the materials used and the workmanship. NAIPO offers a good selection of different price ranges that are suitable for both beginners and demanding users. Their models range from basic versions with basic massage functions to premium armchairs with advanced features such as individually adjustable massage programs, high-quality leather interiors and additional wellness functions. So anyone who wants to invest in a massage chair will find the right model for their needs and budget at NAIPO.

How long does a massage chair last on average?

With good care and regular maintenance, a massage chair can last for many years and retain its functionality. High-quality models are characterized by particularly durable materials and robust mechanics that allow a service life of 10 years or more. To maximize longevity, it is important to regularly clean the chair, lubricate the mechanical parts and check the electronics. Following the instructions for use and avoiding overloading also contribute significantly to the service life. Investing in models from reputable manufacturers such as NAIPO is worthwhile, as these usually offer better quality and longer warranties, which guarantees additional safety and long-term benefit.

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