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Massage chair IKEA - Didn't find one? View alternatives now!

Can't find a massage chair at Ikea? 

This article gives possible reasons and suitable alternatives, which you can test at 10+ locations in Germany. 

Now read on below.

Many customers ask us whether NAIPO or ASPRIA massage chairs are available from IKEA - or whether we have a cooperation with IKEA. 

NAIPO massage chairs can be found at Otto, Kaufland, Saturn and MediaMarkt, but not at IKEA. 

According to our research, IKEA does not currently offer massage chairs.

At IKEA there are no massage chairs - Where can I find suitable alternatives?

If you search for massage chairs at IKEA, you won't find any massage chairs. 

Instead, Ikea refers to recliners and armchairs in general.

If you are looking for an alternative, we would be happy to refer you to ASPRIA or NAIPO massage chair

You can test these chairs free of charge at 10+ locations throughout Germany.

You can find a location near you here. 

Here you will find an overview of available models.

Here is a video of a NAIPO "Model P" massage chair:



IKEA offers this as a replacement for massage chairs

 We looked it up straight away: Looking for a massage chair:

"There are no results for "Massage Chair" "is displayed.

Massage chair Ikea

But Ikea offers alternatives: "electric recliner", "relax armchair", "armchair". 

However, these results no longer really have much to do with a real massage chair.

The following video shows an example armchair from IKEA: 

Reasons why you want to buy a massage chair from IKEA

There are many reasons why you would want to buy a massage chair from IKEA. 

For one thing, most people know IKEA as a furniture store with reliable quality. 

On the other hand, the prices are usually just great. 

But one advantage particularly stands out in connection with massage chairs: 

In addition to the online presence, Ikea is known for huge furniture stores where you can test all products and even view them arranged in rooms.

Brilliant! We think that you should definitely test massage chairs before you buy them.

Prospect: Will there be massage chairs at IKEA in the future?

It's not so easy to say. 

However, we suspect that a great company like IKEA could certainly offer massage chairs in Germany at some point.

We think that there will be a standard model with 2D and also a 3D model in the higher price segment. 

Why doesn't IKEA offer massage chairs - Possible reasons

Possible reasons why IKEA does not offer massage chairs are the following: 

  • Massage chairs are a complicated technical construct that require specialist personnel
  • The overall demand for massage chairs at Ikea is too low
  • IKEA hasn't found a suitable partner yet. (If someone from IKEA reads this article, we are happy to suggest NAIPO massage chairs! :) 

Does IKEA have NAIPO massage chairs? 

No, there are currently no NAIPO massage chairs at IKEA. 

However, you can purchase NAIPO massage chairs from OTTO,, Saturn, MediaMarkt, Kaufland and many other locations in Germany!


Retrieval: July 23.7.2022, 23.7.2022 // Attention: This information was retrieved on July XNUMX, XNUMX. If you read this article at a later date, it is possible that IKEA could now offer massage chairs.

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