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Are massage chairs unhealthy? You should take note of that

Massage chairs are generally not dangerous if you consider these 8 aspects, which this article covers. 

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A decided advantage of one modern massage chair is that you no longer have to book an appointment with a masseur. 

Studies indicate that Massage chair health benefits can bring - provided it is a modern model.

However, before you buy a massage chair, you should know the following precautions: 

Use dealers with a good reputation

The precautionary measures start before the purchase. 

In any case, choose a dealer who can at best have a national company headquarters. 

At best, you can use the armchairs before you buy them. 

Also pay attention to the corresponding dealer and product certificates.

Take a consultation

Massage chairs are not dangerous if you can get advice on site and test the trustworthiness of the provider. 

Reputable providers do not promise major health benefits, as it is also not allowed to make such claims without precise evidence - in the form of studies.

Our customer service team is often asked what the health benefits of an ASPRIA or Pasithea Series massage chair are, but the answer is always the same

"Please consult your doctor. We are not allowed to say anything about it".

Buy a device that has proven itself over the years

At best, the desired model should already have been on the market for 2+ years - i.e. it should have passed the statutory warranty. 

Then you can better assess whether the model in question has been able to prove itself on the market.

Ask the dealer if there have been incidents and many repairs at existing customers.

Certain groups of people and the use of a massage chair


Although massage chairs are suitable for use by children, they should only be used under close adult supervision.

 Pregnant women are also recommended to discuss the use of massage chairs with their doctor beforehand.


A video of a modern massage chair:



Duration of use on the massage chair


The maximum time a beginner should spend on a massage chair is thirty minutes, and the maximum time that should be spent massaging a single body part is five minutes.

Many people also see massage as an alternative to medication, which should not be encouraged as it can be harmful to health and lead to overuse of the technique.

Reputable providers will always point out that massage chairs only contribute to your well-being as a bonus CAN

In any case, consult your doctor and find out what advantages a massage chair can bring specifically for you.



Most massage chairs run on electricity and you should always make sure that the chair is properly plugged into an electrical outlet.

As this increases the risk of a short circuit, massage chairs should never be plugged into an extension cord.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, you must ensure that the massage chair is not plugged in when cleaning or when not in use for a long period of time.

You can also save some electricity this way.

Problems that you notice on the chair


If you discover a defect in the massage chair, you should stop using it immediately and inform the retailer where you bought the chair.

Do this as soon as you spot the defect.

Always make sure that all the components of the massage chair are in good condition and that the device itself has no defects before using it.

care of the chair

Clean your massage chair from time to time according to the provider's instructions. 

We recommend 1x a week.

 This keeps the chair in good condition.

When cleaning the armchair, you should not use a spray cleaner that contains aerosol.

Conclusion - Are massage chairs dangerous?

Massage chairs are generally not dangerous if you pay attention to the aspects of this article. 


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