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Massage chair for seniors - current guide with recommendations

Massage chairs can be a valuable addition for seniors who need relaxation, relief and more comfort. If you are looking for the right massage chair for your needs, there are a few things to consider when making your purchase.

First, seniors should have one Massage chair with soft upholstery material such as memory foam or synthetic leather, as these materials are particularly breathable and comfortable. A good massage chair should also have multiple settings to adjust comfort.

Furthermore, the longevity of the chair is another factor to consider. So make sure the seat is sturdy and comes with a guarantee. Equally important is the safety of the chair - make sure it's built tough, especially with regards to sliding and swaying.

Finally, seniors should also be aware that large models are usually a bit more expensive - but more comfortable! Here, too, it is worthwhile to examine different options in terms of price and quality.

If you keep all these points in mind and look for the right model, you have tons of options to choose from and can find a massage chair that is perfect for you!

Current massage chair recommendations for seniors


Why are there so few massage chairs with a stand-up aid?

Stand-up massage chairs tend to be more expensive than traditional chairs, making it difficult for some people to purchase one. In addition, most models are very specific and are only suitable for certain types of getting up. They also have limited resources when it comes to adjusting lever and massage directions to provide the user with a comfortable experience. In addition, the lack of customer service and difficult procurement also make them expensive for the consumer.

Simply retrofit the stand-up aid for massage chairs yourself

Many people don't realize that it is possible to retrofit a massage chair yourself. With a retrofit, you do not have to do without various functions of modern massage chairs.


With the right tools and the necessary technical expertise, a stand up aid can be fitted to ensure that elderly users enjoy the highest level of comfort when standing up. There are different types of retrofits that can vary depending on the type of chair and the type of lift.

The following stand-up aids are recommended for retrofitting:


What are the benefits of massage chairs for seniors? 

Massage chairs can offer many health benefits to seniors. A study by the University of Utrecht ( showed that regular sitting in massage chairs led to a significant reduction in pain and tension and increased well-being for the user.

Massage chairs can offer many health benefits to seniors. A study by the Center for Health Research in Oregon (
2.pdf) showed that regular sitting in massage chairs led to a reduction in back pain and tension. In addition, massage chairs also help to relieve the cervical spine, which is often affected by older people. Another study from the University of Utrecht ( showed that regular sitting in massage chairs also increased the user's well-being and reduced stress, which in turn had a positive effect on the mental health health affected.

Do massage chairs increase mobility in seniors?

Massage chairs can help older people improve their mobility. According to a University of Michigan study (
18785.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y) seniors who used massage chairs experienced a significant improvement in their range of motion and flexibility compared to seniors who did not use the massage chair. Additionally, a survey of older people in the US ( found that those who used massage chairs were able to maintain and maintain their mobility better than those who none used

Massage chairs with stand-up aids: how they work and who are they suitable for? 

Stand-up aids are particularly suitable for seniors and people with mobility problems. They offer support to the affected person when it comes to changing their body position without the help of other people. This not only makes it easier to stand up, but also other movement sequences in relevant scenarios. Even people without mobility impairments who have to do strenuous work or often occupy standing positions can benefit from stand-up aids.

They are usually loop straps or straps with handles attached to the front of the chair for easy access. Once the handles are grasped, the stand up lift gently and effortlessly lifts the user to an upright position. This makes it easier to get up without the help of others and reduces the risk of a fall or accident. There are different types of stand-up aids - some are stationary, some are portable, and still others can be firmly attached to the chair. Each type has its pros and cons so it is important for the user to decide which one is ideal for their needs.


What disadvantages can stand-up aids have for seniors?


Stand-up chairs can help the elderly solve problems getting up and maintain mobility. However, using an armchair with a stand-up aid also has disadvantages. For example, the angle of the massage chair may be difficult to adjust and the leverage of the chair may cause muscle and joint pain. In addition, an elderly user may not remember all of the safety settings and may operate the chair incorrectly, which in turn could result in injury.


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