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Is pain normal after using a massage chair?

A massage chair can be a wonderful way to relax and relieve tension. But what happens if pain occurs after using a massage chair? Is this normal or should you be worried? In this article, we'll get to the bottom of this question and clarify when pain after using a massage chair is normal and when it's better to see a doctor.

Pain after using a massage chair can be normal, especially if the body is not used to massage. However, this pain should subside after a few days. If the pain is severe or persists for a long time, you should consult a doctor. It is important to choose the right massage chair and follow the usage recommendations.

Is pain normal after using a massage chair?

Why can pain occur after a massage?

Pain after a massage, also known as “massage pain,” is not uncommon. This is because massages, particularly deep tissue or intense kneading massages, can put a lot of strain on the muscles. Massage stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which can cause toxins and lactic acid in the muscles to dissolve and be released. This can lead to muscle soreness, similar to that experienced after an intense workout.

How long should the pain last?

Mild pain or muscle soreness after using a massage chair should usually go away after one to two days. This type of pain is a sign that the muscles are responding to the massage and recovering. However, if the pain lasts longer than three days or is particularly severe, it is advisable to see a doctor.

What can you do about the pain?

There are several ways to relieve pain after a massage:

  1. Drink plenty of water: This helps flush the released toxins out of the body more quickly.
  2. Gentle stretching exercises: Light stretching exercises can help relax muscles.
  3. Warm baths: A warm bath can soothe muscles and relieve pain.
  4. Rest: Give your body time to recover.

When should you see a doctor?

Although mild pain is normal after a massage, there are certain signs that warrant medical attention:

  1. Persistent pain: If the pain lasts longer than three days.
  2. Strong pain: If the pain is very severe and restricts freedom of movement.
  3. Swelling or bruising: If there is swelling or visible bruising.
  4. Accompanying symptoms: If the pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, dizziness or nausea.

How to properly use a massage chair

To avoid pain, it is important to use the massage chair correctly. Here are some tips:

  1. Adjust settings: Adjust the intensity of the massage to a comfortable level.
  2. Don't use it for too long: Do not use the massage chair for longer than recommended. Most manufacturers, such as NAIPO, recommend a usage time of 15-30 minutes per session.
  3. regularity: Start slowly and gradually increase the frequency of massages.

Our MGC-8900 offers you 5 massage intensity levels. At the beginning you can choose the lightest level, which is not very intense but pleasantly relaxing. You can gradually increase the duration and intensity of the massage as your needs increase. This model allows massage sessions of 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

Thanks to the flexible guide rail technology and the manual adjustment options for specific areas of the body, your massage experience will be significantly improved.

Which massage chairs are recommended?

There are many massage chairs on the market that offer different features and intensity levels. A brand that is often praised for its high-quality massage chairs is NAIPO. NAIPO massage chairs are known for their ease of use and the variety of settings that allow the massage to be tailored to individual needs.

MGCHR-A150: Inexpensive and functional

Our MGCHR-A150 is an extremely affordable massage chair that only costs 698 euros - comparable to a high-quality small sofa. It not only impresses with its attractive appearance, but also offers a gentle back and hip massage, ideal for muscle relaxation and improving blood circulation. This is especially helpful for mothers recovering after giving birth. Thanks to the gentle massage features of this model, severe pain is unlikely to occur, but mild muscle soreness is possible in the first few days of use.

MGC-1900B: The extended model

The MGC-1900B builds on the MGCHR-A150 and expands its functions to include a leg massage and a larger number of air cushions. It also offers a reclining function that allows you to relax even better. Despite the additional functions, the price remains affordable at just 1299 euros. Again, mild pain after use can be normal, especially if the body is not used to regular massages.

MGC-A350BR: The bestseller

Our MGC-A350BR is our best-selling model and offers all the basic functions of a high-quality massage chair: zero gravity position, foot massage, heating function and various automatic programs. The price remains affordable for normal households. You can choose the appropriate automatic program depending on your recovery level. The different massage intensities and programs are designed to start gently and adapt to the user's needs to avoid excessive pain.

MGC-5866: Technologically advanced

The MGC-5866 is based on the MGC-A350BR and has been technically upgraded. The foot massage rollers have been expanded to three rows and the number of air cushions has been increased to ensure better foot care. The stylish and elegant design makes it particularly popular with you. In this model, the massage functions are tuned to offer intensive massage options that can occasionally cause muscle soreness. However, this pain is usually temporary and is a sign that the muscles are working and recovering.

MGC-8600: The high-end armchair

Our MGC-8600 is a high-end model with cutting-edge technology that is very popular among young people. In addition to the standard functions, it offers a kneading massage for the calves and more adjustable massage intensities as well as other automatic programs. The air cushions cover almost all areas of the body. This armchair will not only appeal to you, but also to your children. With intensive use or unusual strain, slight pain can occur, which usually disappears after a few days.

MGC-8900: The top model

Finally, we present to you our MGC-8900, our most expensive model but offering the most advanced massage technology. It uses 3D flex rail massage technology that gently adapts to the body and is ideal for you. The dual motor technology allows you to massage two areas of the body at the same time, offering an experience close to a real masseur. It also has an aromatherapy function for an even more complete relaxation experience. The advanced features of this model are designed to minimize pain, but some adjustment pain may occur as the body adjusts to the new type of massage.


Pain after using a massage chair is normal to some extent, especially if the body is not used to massage. However, this pain should subside after a few days. It is important to use the massage chair correctly and pay attention to the body's signals. If the pain persists or is particularly severe, you should see a doctor.


1. How can I avoid pain after using a massage chair?

Adjust the intensity of the massage to a comfortable level to ensure the treatment is comfortable and not too intense. To avoid overuse, do not use the massage chair for longer than the manufacturer's recommended duration. Start slowly with shorter sessions and a lower intensity, especially if you are new to using massage chairs. Gradually increase the frequency and duration of massages to allow your body to adjust to the treatment and minimize the risk of pain and muscle soreness.

2. Are massage chairs suitable for everyone?

Massage chairs are generally safe and provide soothing relaxation for most people. However, there are certain health conditions that require caution. People with pacemakers, serious heart problems, osteoporosis or other serious health conditions should definitely consult their doctor before using a massage chair. Your doctor can better assess individual risks and ensure that using the massage chair does not have negative effects on your health.

3. How often should I use the massage chair?

Most manufacturers, such as NAIPO, recommend using 15-30 minutes per session, once or twice per day. This recommended duration and frequency ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of massage without overworking your muscles or risking unwanted side effects. It is important to follow these recommendations to achieve the best results while ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the massage.

4. Can I use the massage chair for back pain?

Yes, a massage chair can be very helpful for back pain. The targeted massage functions can relieve tension, promote blood circulation and relax the muscles. However, make sure that the intensity of the massage is comfortable and contributes to your well-being. If back pain persists or worsens despite regular use of the massage chair, it is advisable to consult a doctor. A medical professional can determine the cause of the pain and recommend appropriate treatment options.

5. What are the benefits of a massage chair?

A massage chair can help improve your health and well-being in many ways. It can relieve tension in the muscles, promote blood circulation, reduce stress and thus contribute to relaxation. Additionally, regular use of a massage chair can help relieve pain, increase flexibility, and improve overall well-being. These positive effects make the massage chair a valuable addition to any household, especially for people looking for relaxation after a long day at work or intense physical activity.

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