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Are massage chairs suitable for children?

Massage chairs are a popular means of relaxation and recreation in many households. They offer adults the opportunity to enjoy a soothing massage after a long day at work or intense physical activity. But what about children? Can you also benefit from the advantages of a massage chair, or are there health risks? In this article we will examine these questions in detail and clarify whether massage chairs are suitable for children.

Massage chairs can be used for children under certain circumstances and with caution. It is important to choose the right settings and ensure that children are old enough and physically mature to enjoy the massage without causing harm. Adult supervision and advice from a doctor are essential.

Benefits of massage chairs for children

  • Physical and mental relaxation

Massage chairs offer a variety of features that can benefit not only adults but children as well. Children today are under enormous pressure – be it from school, hobbies or social media. A massage can help relieve stress and promote mental health.

  • Improvement of posture

Many children spend hours in front of screens, which often leads to poor posture. Regular massages can help relieve muscle tension and improve posture. A massage chair can have a supportive effect by specifically working on specific muscle groups.

Our MGC-8900 is our most expensive model and features the most advanced massage technology. 3D Flexible Orbit Massage Technology protects and conforms to your child's soft spine, minimizing the risk of injury. The dual motor technology of this massage chair allows it to massage two parts of the body at the same time, making the experience close to that of a real masseuse. Additionally, the MGC-8900 has an aromatherapy function that provides a more complete relaxation experience after a long day at school. The advanced features of this model minimize pain and are ideal for children with low stress levels.

Possible risks and precautions

  • Physical overstress

Children are still growing and their bones and muscles are more delicate than those of adults. A massage that is too intense or incorrect could cause damage. Therefore, it is important to set the massage chair to the lowest intensity level and limit the duration of the session.

  • Psychological overload

Not every child finds a massage pleasant. Some children may feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Parents should therefore carefully monitor how their child reacts to the massage and stop if necessary.

Proper use and selection of a massage chair

  • Age-appropriate models

There are special massage chairs designed for children. These models are smaller and offer gentler massage options. For example, the NAIPO massage chair has some settings that are also suitable for younger users.

For safety reasons we recommend for children MGCHR-A150. This massage chair is one of our most affordable options. Although it cannot massage the entire body, it offers very effective relaxation for the back. Since the massage area only focuses on the waist, buttocks and back, children are at less risk of potential danger. This massage chair also has an open design and no restrictive structures, so children can easily leave it if they feel uncomfortable    

  • Adult supervision

No matter how child-friendly a massage chair is, children should never use it unsupervised. Parents should always be nearby to intervene in an emergency and to ensure that the child enjoys the massage and is not in any discomfort.

  • Consultation of a doctor

Before a child regularly uses a massage chair, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The doctor can assess whether a massage is safe for the child and may make special recommendations.

Alternative relaxation methods for children

  • Relaxation exercises and yoga

In addition to using massage chairs, there are many other ways children can relax. Relaxation exercises and child-friendly yoga are excellent alternatives that offer both physical and mental benefits.

  • Creative activities

Painting, music or crafts can also help reduce stress and promote children's well-being. These activities offer a welcome change while encouraging creativity.


Massage chairs may be suitable for children in certain conditions, provided proper precautions are taken. A gentle massage can help reduce stress and promote physical health. However, it is essential that children only use a massage chair under supervision and after consulting a doctor. Alternatives such as yoga or creative activities should also be considered to ensure a comprehensive well-being program for children.

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1. At what age can children use massage chairs?

There is no set age limit for using a massage chair, but it is recommended that children be 10-13 years old. The intensity of the massage should always be adapted to the child's physical maturity. Body size is particularly important: children should ideally be at least 150 cm tall in order to be able to use the massage chair safely and effectively.

2. How long can children use a massage chair?

Children should not spend more than 10-15 minutes in a massage chair per session. It is important to take regular breaks and limit the total time of use per day. This ensures that the massage is not too intense and that there are no unpleasant side effects. Parents should make sure that the children feel comfortable and have no complaints.

3. Which massage chairs are particularly suitable for children?

There are special models designed for children. The NAIPO MGC-8900  and  MGCHR-A150 Massage chairs, for example, offer gentler settings that are also suitable for younger users.  You can choose the massage chair according to your child's specific needs and requirements.

4. Can using a massage chair cause health problems in children?

Health problems can occur if used improperly or if the massage is too intense. It is therefore important to choose the right settings and tailor the massage to the child's needs. Parents should ensure that the massage chair is adjusted correctly and that the intensity of the massage is appropriate for the child's age and physical condition. It is advisable to consult a pediatrician before using a massage chair to rule out possible risks and ensure safety.

5. What safety precautions should be taken when children use a massage chair?

It is important that children use a massage chair under adult supervision, especially when using it for the first time. Parents should read the instruction manual carefully and ensure that the chair is properly adjusted. Care should also be taken to ensure that children do not wear any loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in the mechanism. Regular checks of the device for wear and damage are also recommended to ensure safety.


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