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Design Award for NAIPO.

NAIPO's "Pasithea Series" wins the Plus X Award in the categories: High Quality, Design, Ease of Use & Ergonomics.

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massage chair

Do you want to buy a massage chair? No problem. At NAIPO you will find, among other things massage chair with heat function, but also cheap massage chairs, which are used in the offer. In addition, our informative guides - such as the Massage chair test and comparison - when choosing the right model.



Discover innovative massage devices for the Back, neck, feet and the legs. The original from NAIPO offers various functions such as infrared heat, vibration and valuable massage techniques such as Shiatsu.
Because of their effect, NAIPO find products like the massage gun, even used in professional equestrian sport on horses.

In addition to an active power connection, NAIPO massage devices can also be used conveniently on the go with the integrated battery.